New Play-to-Earn Metaverse Game to be Launched by Floki Inu


Metaverse is quite the buzz as it is highly likely to redefine the experience of social gatherings, entertainment, video gaming and a lot more. It is also anticipated to expand the opportunities for people in the crypto space as various digital currencies are set to enter the Metaverse with play-to-earn (P2E) video games and more.

Floki Inu (FLOKI), one of the meme crypto assets in the market is also reportedly set to enter the Metaverse. A new testnet for a P2E Metaverse game has been developed by the team working behind the meme crypto asset. As per the announcement made by the team, the Metaverse game, called Valhalla is set to be launched soon.

The possibility to step into the Metaverse is set to open a lot of opportunities for people invested in digital assets.

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Details of Floki Inu Metaverse Game

The Floki Inu Metaverse game is called Valhalla. The meme-inspired crypto asset FLOKI first announced its plans to move into the Metaverse last year in summer. According to reports, it is now prepared to launch the game’s first playable alpha testnet this month.

As per reports, Valhalla is set to feature NFTs (non-fungible tokens) called the Flokitars. Some of the NFTs have already been launched.

The Metaverse game will also include a prototype battle system. This will involve two characters that will be playable, called Vera.

The game will be made more “intense, tactful and competitive”, thanks to the creatures that will move on the battlefield. There will be a system for leveling up, which will allow access to five abilities of the creatures. The creatures in the game will also have personalities that will impact “hidden growth stats”.

The team behind the game anticipates that there will be a clan subscription system once Valhalla is launched. It will also include the following features and more.

  • Additional creatures
  • Leaderboards
  • Additional abilities

In the post announcing the launch of Valhalla, the lead Floki developer Jackie Xu stated:

The Valhalla team has done a great job laying the foundation for traditional gameplay to properly enter the blockchain space. Valhalla will not be just another disjointed play-to-earn game.”

The Floki Inu Twitter page also posted a sneak peek of the Metaverse game for enthusiasts.

The FLOKI Metaverse game will be on a layer-two scaling solution, called Optimism and gaming enthusiasts will be able to play the game on their desktops.

However, the team behind the game noted that there can be certain changes occurring in the game in terms of features and details, considering game development is a fluid process.

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