About Us

About Us

The company lives and breathes crypto and crypto trading and aims to empower the world by informing and educating the masses for a better crypto trading experience.

At Bitcoinsensus, we believe that crypto will change the world and mold it into a more efficient one. This is why, our team of highly enthusiastic and talented experts work to fulfill our vision, which is to be the world-leading platform for education and information regarding crypto trading.

We aim to make crypto trading easier for everyone, beginners and pros alike. We offer helpful guides, technical analysis, the latest news, and informative videos. This and more to help educate and inform interested parties who want to step into the crypto space with us.

Our Mission

To empower the world by informing and educating people to be successful in crypto trading.

Our Vision

To become the world leader in providing information and education in crypto trading.

The Team

The Team

Benjamin Drews


Benjamin has been working in digital marketing for over 15 years and has developed a real passion for this field. During his career, he has worked on several major projects in the healthcare and travel sectors and helped them grow and succeed. Benjamin possesses the ideal skills needed to boost the steady growth of Bitcoinsensus. He joined the team to help the founders fulfill their vision and mission of informing and educating people on how to be successful in crypto trading.

Junaid Dar

Marketing Advisor

Junaid is a marketing guru with over 15 years of international experience in marketing. He has helped more than a dozen companies including Deutsche Bank, Bayer and Dextro Energy, to excel in various fields of digital marketing. Being a crypto investor himself, his passion for the crypto world drives him to educate people and bring financial freedom to interested parties all around the world.

Mathieu Sylvain

Social Media Manager

Having amassed over 3 million followers & 200 million likes across social platforms, Mathieu has been remarkably effective in leveraging his online network to generate success in reaching and monetizing global audiences. By switching to crypto after years of using the traditional payment system, he quickly realized how superior this new asset class was. Mathieu aspires to advance the financial landscape and help individuals attain financial freedom.

Muhammad Sami

Social Media Manager

Sami is an experienced software engineer with core expertise in web development. He is also a swing trader with strong knowledge in technical analysis. He worked as a freelancer for five years before joining Bitcoinsensus. Sami has always been passionate about marketing, sales and project management and knew these were essential aspects of any business. Therefore, he shifted his focus towards social media marketing and has helped tons of brands grow ever since.

Muhammad Waqas

Senior SEO

Waqas is a talented and goal-oriented SEO specialist with more than six years of experience. His specialties include KW research, project management and content marketing. He is a crypto enthusiast and uses his excellent knowledge of marketing to highlight the importance of the crypto industry and trading.

Azel Dean

Content Creator

Azel is an experienced content creator who found her passion when she came across the crypto space. Inspired by the financial empowerment brought about by crypto, she now works to help all interested parties in staying up-to-date with the crypto industry and market news.

Emeka Nnamah

Technical Analyst & Content Creator

Emeka Nnamah has over five years of experience trading Stocks, Forex and Crypto. He uses his analytical expertise to share his trading ideas and opinions with thousands of readers, to help them step into the world of crypto and start a successful crypto trading career.

Haseeb Arshad

Technical Analyst & Content Creator

Haseeb is an experienced technical writer who fell in love with the crypto space and believes everyone should be aware of the benefits and other aspects of crypto trading. His passion for crypto encourages him to guide people regarding crypto trading and investing through Technical Analysis, reviews and a lot more.

Andy Bauza Wood

Technical Analyst & Content Creator

Andy is a crypto trader and YouTube influencer who uses the platform to educate people regarding crypto trading and helps them in stepping into the crypto space. His informative video content, detailed explanation of the market trends and Technical Analysis speak volumes about his passion for the crypto industry.

Nathalie Lemmetyinen

Technical Analyst & Content Creator

Nathalie is a self taught crypto trader and YouTube influencer. She has many years of experience as a technical analyst and loves to share her passion with people all around the world. Her simple way of teaching trading is very unique and she’s focusing to break everything down so even a beginner will understand her advanced way on how she sees the market.

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