China’s First Metaverse Lab Has Been Launched

7:24 am, Mon, 18 April 22

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The Chinese government famously banned all crypto-related activities in the country a while ago, which also caused the miners to uproot their mining operations and migrate. Despite the seemingly hostile stance towards crypto, China has now taken a turn as news circulates about the first Metaverse lab launched in the country.

Metaverse has undoubtedly brought a lot of attention to crypto on a global scale. People who question how can Metaverse benefit the cryptocurrency industry, should know that it is anticipated to boost the adoption of digital assets all over the world. While different countries may have taken a different approach to Metaverse, crypto adoption is likely to be elevated.

Similarly, the acceptance of Metaverse in China and the formation of the first Metaverse lab in the country is quite a major step, especially if recent sentiments of the authorities are considered.

Let’s find out more details mentioned below.

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Details About the Metaverse Culture Laboratory

It has been reported that the Tsinghua University in China has established the first metaverse culture laboratory in the country. The initiative has been taken to endorse the study and development of the growing Metaverse space in China.

The Metaverse lab country has been developed in partnership between a mainland digital publishing company (Communications and Chinese Online) and the Tsinghua School of Journalism.

The event was also led by the deputy secretary of the party committee of Tsinghua University Xiang Botao and chairman and president of Chinese Online Group Tong Zhilei. Some virtual anchors were hosting the event in the Metaverse as well.

According to reports, the new laboratory will be used to research several fields of the Metaverse, including:

  • Creativity in the Metaverse
  • Future of media technology
  • Metaverse culture

Tsinghua University has laid the groundwork for research in the Metaverse field as it developed the first Metaverse robot system last year. This came after several high-end tech companies and local governments in China started welcoming the Metaverse.

The launch of the lab is also anticipated to make quite the difference for people who are interested in the Metaverse space but lack relevant and helpful information at the moment.

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