How Can the Metaverse Benefit Cryptocurrency Industry?


The Metaverse has captivated the attention of quite a vast audience, especially the people who are interested in the crypto space. The Metaverse is not only expected to take the world of the internet to another level but is also anticipated to boost the significance of the crypto industry.

Haim Israel, a strategist at Bank of America, certainly does think so. According to Haim Israel, the Metaverse can bring forth huge opportunities for crypto adoption on a global scale and is highly likely to take blockchain technology to the next level.

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Increase in Value of Metaverse and Crypto Industry

The term “Metaverse” really became popular over the last couple of months, especially since Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook and turned it into Meta.

The Metaverse has now piqued the interest of nearly every individual. This is a visual space or world where people can build things, socialize, play games, work and even invest in cryptocurrencies or trade them. This is one of the most spectacular aspects of the Metaverse, which has also led people to believe that it can greatly benefit the crypto industry.

Haim Israel from the Bank of America recently had an interview in which he stated that if certain conditions are met, the Metaverse can be a fantastic tool for the adoption of crypto on a global scale.

I definitely believe this is a massive, massive opportunity. You need the right platforms… that are definitely going to be a big opportunity for this entire ecosystem.”

There can be a great number of financial transactions revolving around digital assets, thanks to the Metaverse.

Israel also stated that digital currencies will be truly used as currencies in the Metaverse. However, digital assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and the others are too volatile, in which case stablecoins such as USD coin (USDC) and Tether (USDT) are likely to take center stage.

The reason why stablecoins would be more prominently used is that they fluctuate a lot less as compared to crypto assets and are related to precious metals and fiat currencies.

Haim Israel is also of the view that if the use of digital assets starts to grow in the Metaverse, it will pave the way for massive tech companies to enter the space as well.

The Metaverse is more than just gaming and socializing or advertising. According to data from Grayscale, the worth of the Metaverse is anticipated to soon surge higher than $1 trillion.

Trading and Investing in Digital Assets

Even though digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum are currently seen as too volatile to be used in the Metaverse, their value and significance are not affected. These are the two biggest cryptocurrencies in the world and are expected to make their way to the Metaverse without massive problems. However, this is something that can be seen with time.

Meanwhile, both the crypto assets have quite the significance, despite the occasional ups and downs seen in their price.

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