Bitcoin Faces Turning Point Amid Market Uncertainty

7:44 am, Wed, 14 June 23

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The digital currency space is in flux as Bitcoin, the largest cryptocurrency by market cap, is facing a potential decision point. The Short-Term Holders (STH) Realized Profit / Loss Ratio, a key market metric, is approaching a critical equilibrium.

Despite a substantial profit-driven regime experienced by Bitcoin’s Short-Term Holders since the beginning of the year, the spot price has continued its downward trend. Now, the market is at a potential pivot point, with the STH Realized Profit / Loss Ratio nearing equilibrium.

A Crossroads for Bitcoin

Should the STH Realized Profit / Loss Ratio bounce back from this equilibrium position, this would signify a positive, constructive move for the Bitcoin market. However, if the ratio breaks below the equilibrium decisively, it could indicate a market weakness, adding to the already heightened investor anxiety.

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Long-Term Holders Unfazed Amid Market-Wide Fear

Despite the apprehension, Bitcoin’s Long-Term Holders remain undeterred, sending their holdings to exchanges. Their activities indicate the early stages of a profit-driven regime. Interestingly, the current profit volume is 2.4 times larger than the loss volume, although this is still a far cry from the exuberance experienced during the 2021 Bull Market.

Bitcoin in Self-Custody Amid Exchange Uncertainty

Bitcoin’s exchange supply has plummeted to its lowest level since February 2018. This significant decrease is primarily attributed to traders moving their Bitcoin into self-custody amidst the uncertainty surrounding prominent exchanges, Binance and Coinbase. As long as these exchanges are under the scrutiny of SEC lawsuits, this trend is expected to persist.

Altcoins See Surge in Discussion Amid Bitcoin’s Social Volume Dip

With Bitcoin’s social volume witnessing a slight decline following its March surge, Ethereum, Ripple’s XRP Network, and Binance Coin are now experiencing increased discussion. The recovery rates of altcoins continue to vary, dictated mainly by the crowd’s confidence.


To conclude, as Bitcoin approaches a potential decision point, its market trajectory remains uncertain. While the fear persists among short-term holders, long-term holders maintain a more robust outlook. Regardless of Bitcoin’s future, the digital currency space continues to buzz, with altcoins stealing the spotlight amidst ongoing market-wide uncertainty.

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