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Will Indian Government Ban Crypto or Regulate it?



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According to reports, the ban on crypto proposed a while ago is under review by the Indian government. The modalities are being reviewed by the government as it is yet to be decided whether the digital currencies will be banned or regulated in the country.

Earlier this year, news of a possible crypto ban in India circulated from several sources. However, the proposed ban has not been materialized yet. Instead, it is now being reported that the authorities in India might be considering a different approach regarding the use of cryptocurrencies.

With the new developments reported for the top digital assets such as BTC and ETH, many expect the government to deny the proposed crypto ban. A final decision is yet to be announced by the Indian authorities.

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Discussion Over Previous Ban Bill Clauses

It has been reported that the Indian government is having discussions with financial regulators and stakeholders in the industry to determine whether crypto should be banned or not, as previously proposed.

It has also been disclosed that three major fronts are a part of the discussion being held.

  • The first and second issues under discussion are whether the government should ban the cryptocurrencies or opt for a different approach.
  • The third issue under discussion focuses more on the crypto activities that can be allowed under a standard digital currency regulatory paradigm in the country.

Whether the authorities will approve the crypto ban bill or settle on a crypto regulatory bill is still in question. Meanwhile, three of the major crypto exchanges have been planning to expand their business in India.

The crypto exchanges planning to offer services to approximately 15 million crypto investors in the country are:

What You Should Know as a Crypto Investor?

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