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AlonzoBlue2.0 Ready to be Launched for Cardano Blockchain?



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The new upgrade planned for Cardano is anticipated to take the altcoin to new heights and maybe even make it the direct competitor of ETH. After launching AlonzoBlue1.0 last month, the IOHK has now announced the launch of AlonzoBlue2.0.

The launch of AlonzoBlue2.0 to the ADA testnet is a major milestone for the blockchain that will enhance the prominence of the altcoin. This can indicate a suitable time to invest in ADA by using secure exchanges such as Binance or Kraken.

The AlonzoBlue is the first part of a series of upgrade that has been planned for the Cardano blockchain. The Blue phase will be followed by AlonzoWhite and AlonzoPurple over the next 90 days, completing by the end of August.

Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) took to Twitter to announce the release of the brand new version.

What to Expect from AlonzoBlue2.0 Testnet?

The launch of the AlonzoBlue2.0 upgrade is an amazing achievement for the Cardano blockchain. The AlonzoBlue2.0 testnet has brought an essential upgrade for the command line interface.

The Cardano Alonzo Upgrade planned for the blockchain will:

  • Enable the development of decentralized applications on the network
  • Bring smart contract capabilities to the ADA blockchain
  • Support an ERC20 converter eventually

The announcement of AlonzoBlue2.0’s launch was followed by another tweet for the stake pool operators:

The ERC20 converter mentioned above will allow the Ethereum tokens to run on the Cardano blockchain, which will open new doors of opportunities for crypto investors and traders.

The ADA blockchain is expected to rise above its competitors once the Alonzo upgrade is completely launched. This is why many crypto enthusiasts believe that ADA will outperform ETH at one point, however, this is yet to be seen in real life.

Cardano is the fifth-largest crypto asset and is currently trading at $1.58 (at the time of writing). Therefore, if you want to make use of the price and purchase ADA, it is important that you use reliable exchanges such as Binance or Kraken.

If you are new to the crypto space and want to start crypto trading you can use PrimeXBT Covesting and look for a digital asset you want to trade. This is a secure exchange and is one of the best options for beginners.

Are You Planning to Invest in Cardano?

Before stepping into the crypto space, you should know that the crypto market can be quite volatile. Despite the unpredictability, the utility and significance of digital currencies are undeniable. Therefore, if you have been intrigued by the world of crypto and have been planning to invest in a crypto asset you should first know all your options.

However, if you have planned to invest in Cardano you can have an easy and convenient experience if you use secure exchanges to purchase it. Investing funds in a digital asset for the first time can be intimidating as you can be unfamiliar with several factors. Therefore, using trustworthy exchanges can make all the difference, especially for novice parties.

Cardano is a popular altcoin and is likely to rise above the ranks in the crypto market once all phases of the Alonzo Upgrade have been successfully launched.


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