Poloniex Resumes Operations After Suffering From a $114 Million Hack


Rebuilding and Enhancing Security in the Wake of Poloniex’s Cyber Breach.

  • Poloniex, a prominent cryptocurrency exchange, recently experienced a significant security breach, resulting in the loss of approximately $114 million worth of assets.
  • The exchange has offered a 5% bounty for the recovery of the stolen assets, with suspicions pointing towards the North Korean Lazarus Group’s involvement.
  • Despite the setback, Poloniex is resuming normal operations, ensuring enhanced security measures.

Poloniex, a well-known digital currency exchange, confirmed the resumption of the platform’s deposit and withdrawal services after suffering from a major security breach. The incident, which occurred on November 10th, led to unauthorized transactions totaling around $114 million. The hack was first detected by blockchain security firms PeckShield and Cyvers, who noticed unusual activity in Poloniex’s hot wallet.

In response to the attack, Poloniex investor Justin Sun announced a ‘white hat bounty‘, offering a 5% reward for the return of the stolen funds. This tactic aims to incentivize the hacker to return the assets, giving them a seven-day window to comply. The suspicion for this cyber attack falls on the Lazarus Group, a notorious entity believed to be based in North Korea, known for its state-sponsored hacking activities.

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Poloniex Seeks Stolen Assets, Works With Law Enforcement

Blockchain researchers from Spot On Chain reported that the stolen assets included a mix of cryptocurrencies, such as USDT, Bitcoin, and Ethereum, amounting to significant losses for the exchange. In a notable error, the hacker inadvertently destroyed $2.5 million in GLM tokens by sending them to the wrong contract address, effectively removing them from circulation.

Despite these challenges, Poloniex has been actively working to mitigate the damage. The exchange has successfully frozen a portion of the compromised assets and is working closely with law enforcement agencies.

The resumption of deposit and withdrawal services is a primary concern for Poloniex, as they aim to reassure their customers of the platform’s security. However, this announcement has met with mixed reactions from the exchange’s user base, with some expressing skepticism about the promised security measures.

Security of Exchanges Remain Challenged

Poloniex, which ranks 23rd in terms of trading volume, has a significant presence in the cryptocurrency exchange market. This incident underscores the ongoing challenges faced by digital currency platforms in maintaining robust security against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

Market analysts have linked the attack to a private key leakage, with the Lazarus Group’s involvement suggesting a state-sponsored operation. This group has a history of targeting various blockchain and crypto-related platforms, with an estimated $1.7 billion in cryptocurrency thefts attributed to North Korean hackers last year.

In conclusion, the Poloniex hack serves as a critical reminder of the vulnerabilities in the crypto industry. The exchange’s efforts to recover and enhance security protocols highlight the ongoing battle against cyber threats in the digital currency space. With the global community closely watching, Poloniex’s next steps will be crucial in determining its ability to regain trust and maintain its position in the cryptocurrency market. The incident also emphasizes the importance of robust security measures and the need for constant vigilance in the ever-evolving landscape of cyber threats.

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