New Opportunities for Bitcoin Investors in Australia?

7:58 am, Mon, 7 June 21

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According to recent reports, the first capital growth fund in Australia, Monochrome Asset Management, will now enable wholesale investors to be exposed to Bitcoin. This initiative has caught the interest of several largest wealth groups in Australia.

The growth fund is based in Brisbane, Australia and was founded by Jeff Yew, who previously worked as chief executive at Binance Australia.

Buying and storing BTC is not as simple or easy for wholesale investors such as companies and institutions, as it is for retail investors. Therefore, Monochrome Asset Management offers pure exposure to Bitcoin to wholesale investors, minimizing the challenges for them to invest in the flagship cryptocurrency.

The growth fund has become noticeable, which is anticipated to be beneficial for Australia’s financial sector as well as the Bitcoin investors in the country. This can significantly boost the growth and utility of the top crypto asset (trading at $36,218 at the time of writing).

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How Can Wholesale BTC Investors Benefit from this?

While retail investors can easily purchase or store Bitcoin on a crypto exchange or wallet, the same cannot be easily achievable for wholesale investors. However, Monochrome Asset Management offers a more feasible way for wholesale investors to make a BTC investment.

The Monochrome Asset Management enables wholesale investors to invest in Bitcoin in the form of a unit trust, which makes investing in BTC as easy as investing in real estate or stock.

Jeff Yew reportedly stated yesterday:

It’s one of the exciting things about digital assets in general. It’s so new, that if you present yourself as a leader that knows the details and knows how to solve problems for the institutions, you will do well. What’s really lacking is basically a simple product that caters for institutions — that’s invaluable.”

With Monochrome’s initiative to make BTC investment easy for wholesale investors, the flagship cryptocurrency is anticipated to reach new heights. Companies and institutions looking to invest in Bitcoin will no longer need a specific set of rules or boundaries, thanks to the growth fund.

At the moment, Monochrome Asset Management only holds Bitcoin as according to the CEO,

We’re talking zero to one adoption in the institutional world… adding more complexity and adding more products might be good thing, but it’s a harder to sell to people that just want a simple exposure, and that’s really what we offer, a simple, regulated investment vehicle to get exposed to digital assets like Bitcoin.”

He further stated:

Bitcoin is a very mature financial market these days.”

The minimum investment interested whole investors can make at the moment is AU$50,000.

Is Price Surge in BTC To Be Expected?

While Jeff Yew refrained from making any price predictions for BTC at the moment, he did share his views that digital assets are as important as any other real-life asset and the significance of cryptocurrencies will only continue to grow.

With the damage to the financial systems all around the world due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the launch of Monochrome’s fund can enable Australian institutions to explore new opportunities and assets such as Bitcoin.

This is encouraging news for BTC enthusiasts and investors all around the world as the growing prominence and use of the flagship cryptocurrency can indicate a possible price surge in the future, regardless of recent fluctuations.

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