El Salvador to Host 44 Countries to Discuss Bitcoin Adoption

7:55 am, Mon, 16 May 22

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Last year, El Salvador became the first country in the world to adopt the flagship cryptocurrency as a legal tender. While it took the crypto community by surprise, people had a lot of mixed sentiments about the decision.

El Salvador adopted Bitcoin to improve the economy of the country, attract more foreign investment, boost domestic consumption and more. However, since Bitcoin is known for its price volatility many enthusiasts believe it to be a risky and an unstable step.

Even the citizens of the Central American country opposed the decision. Despite all the opposition, the optimism of the Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele has remained unfazed. He has now announced that El Salvador will be hosting 44 countries to discuss Bitcoin, its adoption, rollout and benefits to the country.

Bitcoin is the most prominent crypto asset and is struggling at the moment, in terms of its price. However, will the adoption of BTC by other countries improve the situation or not is something that is yet to be seen.

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What to Know About the Meeting?

The flagship crypto asset has grabbed the attention of a large audience all over the globe. It is the biggest cryptocurrency and also offers utilities that are being explored by companies, organizations and countries around the world.

However, one main factor that makes a lot of interested parties skeptical, is its price movement. As mentioned earlier, BTC is associated with a lot of price volatility, which also affects the price movement of other altcoins in the market.

Even now, Bitcoin is trading at $29,819 (at the time of writing), after struggling to reach the $40k price region for weeks.

Here is a graph by CoinMarketCap that shows the price of BTC over the last month.


Despite the price movement seen above, El Salvador remains adamant regarding its support for the flagship crypto asset.

President Bukele announced late last night that 32 central banks and 12 financial authorities from 44 countries will be meeting in El Salvador today. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss:

  • Banking the unbanked
  • Benefits of BTC adoption in El Salvador
  • Bitcoin rollout in the country
  • Digital economy
  • Financial inclusion

President Bukele also posted the announcement on Twitter and included the names of the banks that will be taking part in the follow-up tweets.

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