Adoption of Bitcoin Anticipated to Boost Thanks to the Lightning Network

7:45 am, Fri, 8 April 22

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Adoption of the flagship cryptocurrency seems to be growing, as several large corporations in the United States of America are set to accept it. This has been made possible, thanks to the Lightning Network wallet.

Bitcoin is the most prominent cryptocurrency in the world and is currently trading at $43,687 (at the time of writing) after surging as high as $47k last week.

Here is a graph by CoinMarketCap that shows the price movements seen for BTC over the last seven days.


Jack Mallers, CEO of Zap and Strike has made an announcement, according to which Bitcoin will be available to several storefronts via the Lightning Network. This is anticipated to not only boost the adoption of BTC but also work in favor of the crypto asset’s price movement.

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Details About Lightning Network and More

The Lightning Network is a layer two solution for the BTC blockchain. It uses smart contracts to settle payments without delay and with minimum fees. One of the biggest benefits of this solution is that it promotes the utility of BTC as a digital asset, instead of focusing merely on its function as digital gold.

Since the Lightning Network offers payment settlements with almost no fee, it makes it a tough competitor and allows Bitcoin to compete with every fiat currency in the world.

This is a major step that will promote the adoption of digital currencies as day-to-day payment solutions.

The Zap and Strike CEO gave a presentation, according to which, retailers will be able to receive Bitcoin payments from customers and instantly convert them to fiat currencies preferred by them. There are no processing delays or fees, which makes it stand out among other options.

As per reports, the Lightning Network wallet has partnered with:

  • Blackhawk Network
  • Shopify
  • NCR

This is the next step toward mass adoption of the flagship digital asset, however, the price of BTC has still not reacted to the news.

Mallers stated:

Any online merchant that uses Shopify can accept payments without the 1949 boomer network, receive it instantly, cash final, no intermediary no 3% fee.”

Along with some of the biggest retailers in the USA such as Walmart, McDonald’s and Home Depot, more than 400,000 storefronts will now accept BTC through the Lightning Network.

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