Details Regarding Cardano Network’s New Upgrade

8:49 am, Tue, 22 March 22

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Cardano (ADA) is one of the best performing crypto assets in the market and is also one of the most prominent ones. Several improvements have also been implemented on the Cardano network, which has led enthusiasts to believe that it is entering a new era.

The price movement of the ADA token has been quite impressive over the past week as well, as seen in this graph by CoinMarketCap.


ADA is currently trading at $0.9376 (at the time of writing).

However, ADA’s price movement is not the only highlighting aspect that you should know about. As per reports, the company has revealed the latest update proposal, which is set to greatly benefit the network.

More details of the update are mentioned below.

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Details of the Cardano Network Update

Cardano’s developer, Input Output Global (IOG) has been focused on improving the network and optimizing it. The latest update proposal revealed by the company is to increase the limit of per-block Plutus script memory units.

The unit limit is to be extended from 56 million to 62 million.

Cardano recently made a transition, which implemented the smart contract capabilities and Plutus is one of the most recent components of the network.

Plutus aims to remove friction from the DeFi sector and bring more users on board to the ecosystem. Not only this but Plutus also enables the users to leverage a programming environment. This enables the users to build their smart contract without:

  • Needing maintain code
  • Needing to use a full development environment  
  • Technical skills

It has also been made clear by the company that the upgrade proposal will assist the scalability of the network.

According to reports, the update was set to come into effect on March 21. The company highlighted that users should expect substantial growth where Cardano will become more optimized.

The Input Output Global (IOG) also stated:

As the ecosystem grows, we’re now focused on delivering the scaling phase of its roadmap; improving speed and network capacity while maintaining security and decentralization.”

What to Know as a New Crypto Investor?

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