An Increase in Dogecoin Price? Coinbase Pro Now Supports Meme Crypto Asset


It was reported earlier today that Coinbase Pro has started accepting Dogecoin and since then a spike in the crypto asset’s price has been noticed. Coinbase is one of the top crypto exchanges in the USA. and developed its “Pro platform” for expert crypto investors and traders.

According to reports, Coinbase Pro has announced its support for Dogecoin, which will be available for trading in three days.

Dogecoin has been in the spotlight recently after being supported by Tesla CEO. The meme crypto asset is the sixth-largest cryptocurrency in the market, currently trading at $0.395 (at the time of writing).

Therefore, crypto enthusiasts and investors who have been intrigued by Dogecoin can purchase the crypto asset by using Binance, which is one of the safest exchanges.

How Has Coinbase Pro Listing Impacted the Meme Coin?

Dogecoin has progressed a lot this year with an increase in its price from $0.004 to $0.74 last month. The meme coin is now in the top 10 digital currencies in the market with a market capitalization of $47.5 billion.

After the announcement made by Coinbase Pro to support Dogecoin, an increase of 6.51% was seen for the meme crypto asset in an hour.

Significant growth has been noted for the meme coin but it is vulnerable to announcements and relevant memes shared.

However, the listing of Dogecoin on one of the biggest crypto exchanges in the market can very well be the start for the cryptocurrency.

Here is what Coinbase Pro tweeted regarding the initiative to list Dogecoin.

Coinbase Pro is an advanced platform that has a more technical user interface for experienced crypto traders and investors. If the listing of Dogecoin goes as planned and if the conditions are met, crypto traders will be able to exchange Dogecoin for Bitcoin or USDT stablecoin.

A Bright Future for Dogecoin Enthusiasts?

Coinbase Pro’s announcement to list Dogecoin on the platform is one of the most beneficial and monumental achievements for the meme crypto asset.

Even though the price of Dogecoin is not very high up, it is still a significant digital asset that is anticipated to grow. The crypto market is unpredictable, which is why there can be no certainty of what the future holds.

However, Dogecoin seems to be in the green for now, which can indicate a suitable time to invest in the crypto asset.

If you are interested in Dogecoin and want to purchase it then Binance is one of the safest Coinbase alternatives to use.

Potential crypto investors can also opt to buy Bitcoin, in which case, SwissBorg or Kraken are two of the best crypto exchanges. Novice investors can also consider crypto trading and use ByBit or they can opt for copy-trading and use PrimeXBT Covesting..