Will a New Rollout for Cardano Network Boost the Price of ADA?

8:10 am, Mon, 27 June 22

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Cardano is one of the world’s most popular and major projects. Despite the bearish trend being experienced by the overall crypto market, the Cardano network seems to have seen some growth and development.

While the introduction of technological upgrades and improvements for the network was never in question, enthusiasts have been wondering if the price of ADA will see a surge or not.

Cardano’s native token ADA is one of the topmost altcoins in the world and has the attention of a vast audience. After the Alonzo upgrade, the network is waiting for another that is expected to take the performance of the network to a new level. However, will it have a positive impact on the price of the ADA token or not is yet to be seen.

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What to Know About the New Rollout?

The Vasil hard fork is a highly anticipated upgrade for the Cardano network. The anticipation of the upgrade also caused the price of the ADA token to stay afloat to some extent.

Now, the company that develops the Cardano network, Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) announced a new developmental milestone.

According to reports, IOHK has successfully rolled out node 1.35.0. This is a significantly huge milestone that has been introduced before its mainnet Vasil upgrade.

The Vasil upgrade is expected to improve and strengthen the performance and capacity of the network and the successfully rolled out node will play a key role in supporting the upgrade.

The IOHK has noted that the safety of the partners is a top priority of the Cardano ecosystem. It has also been reported that the major aspects of the software are complete and the testing has produced positive results.

ADA enthusiasts also believe the price of the token will surge as it has been on a bullish trajectory recently. The token is trading at $0.503 (at the time of writing) and has seen an increase of 3.94% in the last seven days.

Here is a graph by CoinMarketCap that shows the price of ADA over the past week.


Since the overall crypto market has been facing some serious price fluctuations, many enthusiasts are waiting to see the long-term effects of the Vasil upgrade on ADA’s price.

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