Treasure Trove: Finance & Crypto Tales This Week

US Federal Reserve Recognizes Hedera’s Drop Platform

The US Federal Reserve has expanded its instant payment system, FedNow, by integrating Hedera’s ($HBAR) Dropp payment platform. This move signifies Hedera’s growing relevance and influence in the financial domain.

Coinbase Sees Shift in Revenue Streams

In a remarkable turn of events, Coinbase’s diversified strategy is bearing fruit. For the first time, the cryptocurrency giant earned more from its subscriptions and services than transaction fees in the last quarter.

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Old Bitcoins on the Move

An astounding $11.4 Million worth of ‘sleeping’ bitcoins have been transferred. These 195.79 bitcoins, dormant for over seven years, saw activity this Saturday. Another batch from 2014 also emerged, marking its first transaction in almost a decade.

Binance Japan Partners with Liquid for KYC Services

Binance’s Japanese arm has decided to enhance its Know Your Customer (KYC) practices by collaborating with Tokyo’s biometrics firm, Liquid. This collaboration aims to bolster security and compliance measures for the exchange’s clientele.

Stablecoins: The U.S. Dollar’s Potential Lifeline

Valor Capital’s Brooks, who previously headed the U.S. division of crypto exchange Binance, opines that stablecoins could be the catalyst for making the dollar ‘relevant’ once more on the global stage.

Javier Milei Triumphs in Argentina’s Primary Election

The pro-Bitcoin candidate, Javier Milei, has made waves in Argentina by securing a majority in the recent primary elections, indicating a potential shift in the nation’s monetary policies.

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Coinbase App to Undergo Major Revamp

CEO Brian Armstrong has candidly acknowledged the usability issues plaguing the Coinbase app. Armstrong is committed to launching rapid updates within the next fortnight to enhance user experience.

Bitcoin Mining’s Green Future

Juan Ignacio Ibañez and Alexander Freier, in their new study, highlight the possibility of Bitcoin mining catalyzing the transition to renewable energy. The duo emphasizes the need for the industry’s evolution to harness this potential truly.

L3yum’s Hot Wallet Compromised

A security breach on March 6 resulted in a loss of 90 ETH from L3yum’s hot wallet. Efforts are underway to mitigate the impact, with the blacklisting of the hacker’s Tether address being a significant step.

Celsius Network Faces Troubled Waters

Amidst rising legal challenges and the arrest of its former CEO, Celsius Network has decided to shut down its app. However, “NewCo” emerges from the shadows, focusing on crypto mining and staking with aspirations of a NASDAQ listing.

North Korea’s Persistent Crypto Ambitions

A forthcoming U.N. report will shed light on North Korea’s consistent attempts to target cryptocurrency entities. This aligns with Pyongyang’s focus on advancing its nuclear and weaponry programs.

PayPal’s PYUSD Eyes DeFi Integration

Jose Fernandez da Ponte, a key figure at PayPal, has shared plans about making PYUSD available for Decentralized Finance (DeFi) platforms in the foreseeable future.

Trader Inmortal Predicts Bitcoin Downtrend

With a significant following of 195,300, the pseudonymous trader Inmortal forecasts a potential dip in Bitcoin’s value to $26,000 by month-end.

Zimbabwe’s Gold-Backed Digital Currency

In an ambitious move, Zimbabwe is gearing up to introduce its digital currency, which the nation’s gold reserves will back.

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Peter Schiff Sounds Alarmed on Economy

Veteran investor Peter Schiff has cautioned investors about two major ‘surprises.’ He speculates that the Federal Reserve might struggle to stimulate the economy if inflation rates soar beyond control.

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