Silicon Valley Crypto Venture Fund Seeking Investment Opportunities in Australia


C1 Fund’s Strategic Moves Targeting Top Players and Shaping the Australian Market

  • Silicon Valley-based Crypto 1 is actively venturing into the Australian crypto landscape with its dedicated $500 million C1 Fund.
  • The fund employs a savvy strategy, eyeing secondary shares at significant discounts and engaging with local venture firms.
  • Prime targets include blockchain gaming pioneer Animoca Brands, with a proposed 75% share reduction, and blockchain analysis firm Chainalysis, offering a 65% discounted share price. 

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Crypto 1, a Silicon Valley and United Arab Emirates-based firm, is making significant strides in the Australian market through its C1 Fund. As a key player in the crypto investment landscape, reports have shown that Crypto 1 has allocated a substantial $500 million fund specifically for exploring opportunities Down Under. This marks a clear and active pursuit of investment prospects within the Australian crypto sector.

Investment Strategy and Criteria

The C1 Fund’s approach revolves around acquiring secondary shares at notable discounts. With a strategic eye on potential, the fund emphasizes targeting crypto companies with a minimum last-round valuation of $300 million. To execute this strategy, Crypto 1 is actively engaging with local venture firms, offering to purchase private holdings at discounts ranging from 50% to 80% off their last valuations.

Market Conditions and Pitch Deck

In navigating the crypto investment landscape, the C1 Fund is well aware of the current market conditions influencing valuations. The dynamics of hyperinflation and the impact of rising interest rates are crucial factors under consideration. In its endeavor to attract potential investors, the C1 Fund employs a pitch deck that highlights the attractive valuations available in the secondary market. This strategic move aims to capitalize on prevailing market conditions and present compelling opportunities.

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Animoca Brands and Chainalysis: Key Targets for C1 Fund Investments

Animoca Brands

Animoca Brands, a Hong Kong-based blockchain gaming business, draws attention as one of the prime targets for the C1 Fund. Notably, Animoca Brands had been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange but faced delisting in 2020 due to governance breaches and involvement in crypto-related activities. The C1 Fund eyes a significant move, proposing to purchase Animoca Brands’ shares at approximately $0.73 each. This represents a substantial 75% reduction from its last capital raise price, creating an opportune entry point for the C1 Fund.


Chainalysis, a specialized firm offering blockchain analysis and investigation services, is another focal point for the C1 Fund. With a valuation of $8.6 billion in 2022, Chainalysis presents an appealing prospect for investment. The C1 Fund is reportedly interested in acquiring $30 million worth of Chainalysis shares available on the secondary market at a discounted price of $15 each, reflecting a notable 65% reduction.

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Silicon Valley’s Impact on the Australian Crypto Market

The foray of Crypto 1’s C1 Fund into the Australian crypto market is poised to have a profound impact. Beyond the immediate investment transactions, the activities of the fund are likely to influence the broader Australian crypto market. Local crypto companies and investors can anticipate potential shifts and opportunities as a result of Silicon Valley’s strategic interest.

While the prospect of Silicon Valley investment brings promise, it is not without risks. The C1 Fund’s investment strategy, particularly in acquiring secondary shares at discounts, poses potential risks. Challenges in successfully navigating these discounted valuations and acquiring shares present hurdles that both Crypto 1 and local entities must carefully assess. As with any investment venture, understanding and mitigating these risks will be critical for long-term success.

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