Number of Crypto Investors Increases Despite Current Price Movement

8:36 am, Fri, 4 March 22

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The current price movement seen for digital assets is considered to be a healthy correction by some crypto enthusiasts. However, it was also greatly impacted by the ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine.

After surging as high as $45k price region, Bitcoin has seen a drop of around 4.98% over the last 24 hours. It is now trading at $41,381 (at the time of writing).

The crypto king is not the only digital asset that has seen a drop in its price. The prices of other cryptocurrencies including Ethereum, XRP, Solana and Cardano have dropped as well.

Despite the current market situation and price movement seen for digital currencies, crypto investors in the emerging markets are looking to increase their exposure to crypto investments.

The increasing number of people interested in buying crypto assets, considering the current market movement can indicate how significant digital currencies have become.

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Reasons for Increase in Crypto Investors in Emerging Markets

A survey was recently conducted by Toluna, which is a consumer sentiments company. The survey had 9,000 participants from 17 different countries.

According to the results of the survey, 75% of investors in the emerging markets of Asia-Pacific and Latin America are interested in stepping into the crypto space. Unlike the developed markets, the investors in emerging markets believe crypto investments are on an upward trend, which is going to be long-term.

The developed markets believe crypto assets to be in the middle of a hype cycle. However, the emerging markets are more profitable for growth in the crypto industry.

Approximately 32% of the crypto investors surveyed in emerging markets are confident about crypto assets. Whereas, there are only 14% of investors in developed markets such as the EU and USA who trust digital currencies.

The reasons why there is a difference in trust between the developed and emerging markets are:

  • The disparity between the crypto investors (41% in emerging and 22% in developed markets)
  • Lower sense of risk perceived by investors (25% in emerging and 42% in developed markets)

The investing strategies are also different between crypto investors from emerging and developed markets due to:

  • Awareness of the crypto markets
  • Understanding of the crypto markets

As per details of the survey, 61% of respondents said they are aware of what crypto is but only 23% of the participants are familiar with the asset class.

The report also acknowledged that the overall crypto risk is high, however, 45% of consumers still believe that the digital assets will succeed. What the cryptocurrency future really holds can only be seen with time.

What Should you Know as a Crypto Investor?

People from different markets can have different sentiments towards digital currencies, however, whether you decide to invest in crypto or not is your personal choice as well.

Before stepping into the crypto space you need to know about the price movements of different cryptocurrencies. You should also take time to look for one of the lowest fees crypto exchanges that match all your criteria and requirements.

Therefore, even though a survey such as the one mentioned above highlights the importance of cryptocurrencies, make sure you do your research and then invest in crypto accordingly.

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