Mass Crypto Adoption by Institutions to be Seen by 2026?

7:46 am, Tue, 20 July 21

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A recent survey from Fidelity has given some hope to the crypto industry amid a month-long slump. The crypto market seems to be in a stagnant place where the prices of top crypto assets, such as Bitcoin have noticeably been fluctuating.

The flagship cryptocurrency is currently trading at $29,753 (at the time of writing).

Despite this unpredictable situation, the results of the Fidelity Digital Assets survey have presented themselves like a glimmer of hope. According to the survey, approximately 90% of institutional investors plan to step into the crypto space by 2026.

This is massive news as it can elevate the significance of the crypto market and assets to a great extent.

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What Are Some Details of the Fidelity Survey?

Fidelity Investments Inc. is headquartered in Boston, USA. Established in 1946, the company is one of the world’s largest asset managers. Fidelity Digital Assets (FDAS), the conductor of the survey, is part of the company. The company has an undeniable influence on the overall financial market, which is why the findings of the survey cannot be overlooked. The outcome of the Fidelity survey is also encouraging for crypto enthusiasts, investors and traders, considering the crypto market has somewhat been in downward momentum.

According to the Fidelity survey:

  • 70% of institutional investors are looking to own digital currencies in the future.
  • 90% of institutional investors are planning to own crypto by 2026.
  • A greater number of institutional investors are currently in Asia.
  • Investors in Europe and the USA are also planning to own more crypto.

The interest of institutional investors towards crypto assets has noticeably been increasing and it won’t probably cease anytime soon.

The president of FDAS, Tom Jessop, stated that the growing interest of wealth managers and foundations towards crypto is due to the recent crises.

Jessop stated:

The pandemic—and fiscal and monetary measures in response to it—has been a catalyst for many institutional investors to define their investment thesis and operationalize it,”

The survey included around 1,100 institutional investors from Asia, Europe and the USA. It was founded that the investors in Asia are more exposed to digital assets than other countries in the world. However, the number is expected to increase soon.

What Should Crypto Investors and Traders Know?

Despite the positive outcome of the Fidelity survey, there is still some reluctance towards digital currencies among institutional investors. This is mainly because of the volatility of the crypto market, especially that of major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

The price of BTC has seen some major fluctuations in the past month. Here is a graph by CoinGecko to show the ups and downs in Bitcoin’s price.

crypto btc-graph-20-07-2021

However, even though the crypto market situation has been slightly precarious, it has not lost people’s interest. Crypto enthusiasts are hopeful for the crypto market to make a comeback. The survey from Fidelity has further been a positive push for people interested in the world of crypto assets.

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