Huobi Exchange Rebrands to HTX in Honor of Tenth Anniversary

Offshore Crypto Exchange Takes on New Identity Similar to FTX Amid Celebrations

In celebration of its milestone tenth anniversary, the renowned cryptocurrency exchange Huobi has unveiled a fresh identity: HTX. This rebranding initiative bears an intriguing resemblance to the now-bankrupt firm, FTX.

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Embracing the New Name

Huobi has swiftly updated its social media profiles and adapted various product lines to align with the revamped branding, prominently featuring HTX Earn. Delving into the name’s significance, ‘H’ signifies Huobi, ‘T’ denotes TRON, reaffirming its commitment to the TRON ecosystem, while ‘X’ symbolizes the essence of an exchange.

A Tribute to a Decade of Success

The fusion of ‘HT’ and ‘X’ holds deeper meaning. ‘HT’ represents the native token of the platform, and ‘X’ pays homage to the exchange’s remarkable ten-year journey, as ‘X’ is the Roman numeral for ten.

Industry Events and Forward Momentum

Huobi’s advisor, Justin Sun, is set to participate in the Token2049 event in Singapore, where he will be speaking on September 14 in the afternoon. Additionally, a morning press conference is on the agenda.

A Familiar Ring to It

Interestingly, this name change bears resemblance to the proposed name for the crypto claims trading platform OPNX, which was initially suggested as GTX, playfully explained as “because G comes after F.” It’s worth noting that CoinFlex later clarified that ‘GTX’ was merely a placeholder.

FTX’s Future and Bidders Emerge

Meanwhile, as former FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried awaits trial, the bankruptcy estate of FTX is contemplating a strategic move to relaunch the exchange. Notably, potential bidders for this endeavor include crypto exchange Bullish and Tribe Capital, among others.

In the ever-evolving landscape of cryptocurrency, Huobi’s transformation to HTX marks a significant chapter in its journey, emphasizing its commitment to innovation and adaptability in a dynamic industry.

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