Famous Automotive Brands Plan to Step into the Metaverse

8:26 am, Mon, 25 April 22

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Embracing the Metaverse and diving into it is one of the latest trends among the top companies and brands around the world. The Metaverse space is not limited and offers numerous opportunities to the interested parties. It is anticipated to take the virtual experience to a whole new level.

Several high-end automotive companies, such as Mercedes Benz and Volkswagen, have already joined the Metaverse. Two more world-famous automakers to join the list are Nissan and Toyota.

Both automakers have made a name for themselves in the world and are now looking to expand into the virtual space as well. As per reports, Nissan and Toyota have different approaches toward the Metaverse that are addressed in detail below.

Metaverse also benefits the crypto industry as it has the potential to boost crypto adoption all over the globe. Therefore, it can be expected that with the growth of the Metaverse comes the increasing significance of digital assets as well.

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How do Nissan and Toyota’s Approaches Differ?

Nissan and Toyota are both Japanese car manufacturing companies. Last week, both companies announced that they will be entering the Metaverse.

According to reports, Nissan and Toyota aim to make their “debut” in the Metaverse to:

  • Offer new virtual experiences to the users
  • Build virtual customer service offices
  • Organize digital events

Both automakers are partnered with the video game developer startup, VRChat. Thanks to the collaboration, the companies aim to conduct engaging exhibitions of their vehicles through VR.

At the moment, Nissan and Toyota have not specified which Metaverse they will be stepping into to launch their new offices. It can either be a centralized one such as Meta or it can be a decentralized one, such as Decentraland.

However, despite the slight uncertainty, both car manufacturers have defined how they will be approaching the Metaverse.

As per reports, Nissan will be focused on creating virtual reality (VR) rooms for the customers.

Toyota, on the other hand, will focus on creating:

  • Offices for its personnel
  • Remote work environments

The development of offices in the VR means that most of the work meetings for technical developments will not be physical and take place via the avatars.

According to a representative from Toyota, this new work area is a result of the difficulties that were caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

In short, it can be seen that the Metaverse is set to revolutionize the world in so many different ways.

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