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El Salvador’s Bitcoin Stack Now in Profit by Over $50M: Report



Table of Contents

  • El Salvador’s Bitcoin holdings are estimated to be worth over $150 million, yielding a profit exceeding $50 million.
  • The country’s Bitcoin stash has grown to approximately 2,380 BTC, with an average purchase price of $44,300.
  • President Nayib Bukele highlights the success of El Salvador’s Bitcoin strategy, criticizing previous media skepticism.

It looks like El Salvador’s bold bet on Bitcoin has finally started to pay off. To be more specific, the Central American nation’s cryptocurrency holdings have currently surged into significant profit thanks to Bitcoin’s recent rally and its new all-time high price near $69,000.

This development marks a major milestone for El Salvador, which became the first country to adopt Bitcoin as legal tender back in 2022.


El Salvador Profit Details

El Salvador’s revolutionary Bitcoin investment is now worth over $150 million, based on data available from BitcoinTreasuries. This represents a profit of well over $50 million, with the country having acquired approximately 2,380 BTC at an average price of $44,300 per Bitcoin. At Bitcoin’s all-time high price, their holdings were worth $164.7 million – with a 53% increase over their aggregate cost basis.

With El Salvador’s successful Bitcoin bet, discussions about the potential for other nation-states to adopt cryptocurrencies is back on the table. While rumors have circulated about other countries following suit, no official announcements have been made yet.

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With that said, certain industry experts like Samson Mow have predicted that nation-states, alongside corporations and institutional investors, will be key drivers of Bitcoin adoption in the future.

President Bukele’s Perspective

Nayib Bukele, El Salvador’s pro-Bitcoin President, recently took to social media to highlight the success of his country’s crypto strategy. He went as far as to criticize the media’s previous negative coverage during the bear market and emphasized that El Salvador has no plans to sell its BTC holdings. He also pointed to the country’s citizenship-by-investment program, which accepts Bitcoin, as a key driver of demand.

In any case, the country’s pioneering move has definitely made it a focal point for the global crypto community. Whether other nations will follow El Salvador’s lead remains to be seen, but news of its now-profitable stack certainly helps highlight the growing intersection between traditional finance and the world of digital assets.

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