Crypto Spotlight: UniswapX, Stader, and the Meme Gaming Boom!

UniswapX: Revolutionizing Crypto Trade

Just two weeks ago, UniswapX made waves with an impressive set of features that promise to redefine the crypto trade. The platform now includes Signed Orders, Dutch Orders, and Cross-chain Orders, offering enhanced execution quality, flexible liquidity sourcing, and gas-free transactions. Add to this its MEV resistance, and UniswapX seems geared up for a crypto future.

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Stader Labs: Riding High on ETHx Rewards

Meanwhile, Stader Labs has gone live with its ETHx Rewards. Balancer & Curve users can now earn a rewarding 22% – 25% on ETHx/WETH LP, making Stader a lucrative proposition in the crypto space.

Velocore: Setting the Pace with v2

Not to be left behind, Velocore recently announced Velocore v2, the first Solidly Fork on zkSync. The version simplifies the user experience, encompassing swapping, liquidity provisioning, voting, and bribing. Plus, their new UI/UX, particularly on the passport page, is a treat for the eyes.

Aark Digital: Catch the Early Bird 

Aark Digital, the “Next Level” Perp DEX on Arbitrum, has successfully closed its seed round with Delphi, OKX, Keyrock, and Bigbrain. What’s more? Their Early Bird LP Program launches on 31st July for the Whitelist and on 3rd August for the public. Users can seed ALP and earn $AARK rewards.

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Tender Finance: v2 Beckons with Promise 

Over at Tender Finance, they’re teasing their smart vaults as part of their v2 release while integrating Univ3 positions as collateral. In a commendable move, the team has pledged to lock their unlocked/unclaimed tokens till 1st Feb 2024, causing a 30% pump in $TND Price.

PintSwap: Memecoin’s New Destination 

PintSwap, with its efficient OTC, P2P DEX for Memecoins & Lowcaps, has a public sale lined up for 1st August. In a unique twist, the sale will offer an NFT redeemable for 10% of the $PINT supply at TGE.

Pepe Analytics AI: The Future of Memecoin Dashboards

Pepe Analytics AI, in partnership with Unibot and PintSwap, has launched an AI Memecoin Dashboard that is making heads turn. Their token went live just yesterday and has seen the NFT pump 3x.

Meme Shitcoinery: Shaking Things Up

Lastly, the Meme Shitcoinery landscape is witnessing some action. With $ESPR’s dump due to questionable developers and the Bot Narrative’s volatility, the trend is tilting toward Meme Gaming Plays. $KART and $COCO, meme casino coins, are gaining traction, with the latter launching only ~9 hours ago.

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Stay tuned to navigate the exciting crypto world as we continue to track and analyze the most promising developments!