Bitcoin Surges Back to $35K – Are ATOM, UNI, NEAR, and AXS Set to Rally Next?

11:23 am, Tue, 7 November 23

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Exploring Bitcoin’s Rebound and Altcoin Performances in the Crypto Market

  • Bitcoin’s resurgence to nearly $35,000 reflects a positive market sentiment.
  • ATOM, UNI, NEAR, and AXS, four notable altcoins, exhibit potential for upward movements.
  • Staying informed and making informed investment choices is vital in the ever-evolving cryptocurrency market.

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In the fast-paced world of cryptocurrency, staying ahead of market trends is crucial. Today, we delve into the recent resurgence of Bitcoin, a pivotal player in the digital asset space, and its implications for the broader market. Additionally, we’ll touch upon the remarkable performance of the S&P 500 Index, highlighting the context in which these developments are occurring.

Cryptocurrency Market Analysis

Bitcoin has been on the radar of every crypto enthusiast as it has climbed back to nearly $35,000. This recent price surge is not only a cause for optimism but also emblematic of the risk-on sentiment currently influencing the cryptocurrency market. To better understand this surge, let’s take a closer look at Bitcoin’s recent performance.

Altcoin Analysis (ATOM, UNI, NEAR, and AXS)

Now, let’s shift our focus to the altcoins that are making waves in the crypto space. We will briefly assess the recent performance of four noteworthy altcoins: ATOM (Cosmos), UNI (Uniswap), NEAR (Near Protocol), and AXS (Axie Infinity). For each of these, we’ll examine key patterns and crucial resistance and support levels to gauge their potential.

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ATOM (Cosmos)

On November 5, buyers pushed ATOM’s price above $8.25, signaling a continuation of this positive trend. The target after this bullish breakout is $8.91, with potential to reach $10. However, keeping an eye on the support at $7.60 is crucial. A drop below could signal selling pressure and lead to a dip to the 50-day simple moving average (SMA) at $7.07.

On the four-hour chart, we see ATOM rising above $8.20, indicating an advantage for buyers. Maintaining the price above $8.20 sets the stage for a move towards $8.91. Conversely, a drop below the 20-EMA might indicate market resistance and potentially lead to a drop to $7.60.

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UNI (Uniswap)

UNI, the token of Uniswap, encountered resistance at $5 on November 2. Despite this obstacle, the bulls haven’t given up ground. The moving averages crossed bullishly, and the RSI is positive, indicating an advantage for the bulls.

A breakthrough above $5 could drive UNI to $6 and potentially $6.40. But if the price retreats from $5, it could mean bears are defending that level, leading to a drop to the 20-day EMA at $4.36.

On the four-hour chart, the price remained above the 20-EMA, but bears are trying to regain control. A break below the 20-EMA could strengthen the bearish stance, potentially causing a drop to $4.50. On the flip side, a bounce off the 20-EMA would suggest continued buying interest and a chance to break through the $5 resistance.

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NEAR (Near Protocol)

NEAR, the token of Near Protocol, has seen a sharp surge. Bears resisted at $1.63, but bulls held the line at $1.43, indicating confidence in the rally.

Sustaining above $1.63 could push NEAR to $2, but overbought RSI levels hint at potential consolidation or correction. A slip below $1.63 might invite bears to challenge the $1.43 support.

On the four-hour chart, NEAR surged from a range of $1.43 to $1.59. The initial target is $1.78, with a potential rally to $2. Rising moving averages favor buyers, but overbought RSI levels suggest a possible short-term correction.

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AXS (Axie Infinity)

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) is on a robust recovery journey. While bears are selling near $6, bulls have defended against drops below $5.40.

Buyers are working to push the price above $6, aiming for $6.55 and $7. Failing to sustain the uptrend could lead to a deeper correction to $4.65.

On the four-hour chart, AXS broke above a symmetrical triangle, indicating a potential uptrend. The price may rise to $6, where bears could challenge. A drop could test the 20-EMA, while a bounce would strengthen the chances of a rally above $6, targeting $6.40. Falling below $5.17 might shift the advantage back to the bears.

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