Bitcoin Rich List shows number of wallets holding $1M worth of $BTC tripled in 2023


Unpacking the Numbers and Speculation Behind Bitcoin’s Meteoric Year

  • Over 81,925 wallet addresses now hold more than $1 million in Bitcoin, a staggering 237% increase in the last 11 months.
  • Glassnode data compares the current 81,925 millionaire Bitcoin wallets with the peak in November 2021 at 112,573, providing insights into wealth accumulation trends and their correlation with Bitcoin’s price movements.
  • Bitcoin’s recent surge to $37,100, a 38% increase in the last month, is linked to market enthusiasm driven by pending spot ETF products. Bloomberg analysts predict a 90% chance of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval by Jan. 10, though skepticism exists regarding its potential to initiate a full trend reversal, adding complexity to market dynamics and opinions within the industry.

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As of the latest data from BitInfoCharts, the number of wallet addresses holding over $1 million in Bitcoin (BTC) has reached 81,925. It’s crucial to note that this figure represents a substantial surge, having more than tripled over the past 11 months from 23,795 at the beginning of the year. However, it’s essential to understand that these wallet addresses aren’t exclusively owned by individual users; a significant portion belongs to crypto exchanges and financial institutions.

Wealth Accumulation Trends

Analyzing Glassnode data reveals a comparative study between the current number of millionaire Bitcoin wallets and the peak observed during the previous bull market in November 2021, where the count reached 112,573 addresses. This comparison provides insights into the correlation between the growth of millionaire wallets and Bitcoin’s price movements. 

Furthermore, despite market fluctuations and challenges within the crypto industry, there has been a steady increase in “wholecoiners” – wallets holding at least 1 BTC. This suggests a consistent trend of wealth accumulation among Bitcoin holders.

Market Dynamics and ETF Speculation

Bitcoin’s current price stands at $37,100, marking a notable 38% increase over the past month. This surge is attributed to market enthusiasm, particularly fueled by the anticipation of pending spot exchange-traded fund (ETF) products. 

Bloomberg ETF analysts have expressed a high degree of confidence, estimating a 90% chance of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval by January 10. The prevailing sentiment in the market is bullish, with many expecting a significant price rally following the potential ETF approval.

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However, it’s essential to consider diverse viewpoints. CMC Markets analyst Tina Teng remains skeptical, asserting that while an ETF approval would be positive for the crypto industry, both Bitcoin and the broader macro landscape lack the necessary fundamentals to justify a complete trend reversal. 

This skepticism introduces a layer of caution amidst the prevailing optimism. Additionally, opinions within the crypto industry vary regarding the actual impact of a spot Bitcoin ETF approval on triggering the next bull run, reflecting the nuanced nature of market dynamics and speculation.

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