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Bitcoin Bullish Prediction Playing Out. Surge To $70k?



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Image from last price prediction showing the BTC/USD pair on the 1-hour timeframe

In our previous Bitcoin analysis Bitcoin Surge Coming! Watch Out For This Bull-Flag, we talked about the flag pattern as well as the $58,298 resistance the Bitcoin bulls had to break to confirm the resumption of the bullish trend.

Well, the two resistance have been broken and right now the Bitcoin price is retesting support and building momentum for a potential price surge to $70,000 region in the coming days.

Bitcoin Bullish Prediction Playing Out. Surge To $70k!
Bitcoin Bullish Prediction Playing Out. Surge To $70k!

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$58,298 Key Level

Bitcoin Bullish Prediction Playing Out. Surge To $70k!
Bitcoin testing the $58,298 key support on the 1-hour timeframe

The Bitcoin price has just broken through the $58,298 key level, potentially turning it into key support for Bitcoin. We want to see the Bitcoin price continue to trade above this level and for bullish momentum to pick up.

However, a close back below this $58,298 level does not necessarily mean Bitcoin will start selling off again. it however means that Bitcoin might trade sideways for a little bit longer before finally resuming the bullish trend.

Any Resistance Up Ahead?

Bitcoin nearing the $61,634 ATH. Will price break through or crash back down

The only resistance Bitcoin faces right now is the current ATH at $61,634. Once Bitcoin breaks through this level, we have no other price resistance to worry about as Bitcoin would be trading in uncharted territory.

This means we can expect price volatility to increase and for more buyers to begin stepping into the market.

Bitcoin Bullish Prediction Playing Out. Surge To $70k!
Bitcoin bullish price prediction on the 1-hour timeframe

However, if the ATH level at $61,634 holds we might see Bitcoin range a bit at that region before finally gathering enough momentum to break out.

Bitcoin could trade sideways for a while if the $61,634 resistance becomes strong

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