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Binance Ex-CEO CZ Launches “Giggle Academy” Free Education Project



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CZ’s Nonprofit Venture Aims to Transform Learning with Technology

  • Changpeng Zhao, former CEO of Binance, launches Giggle Academy to offer free, gamified education for grades 1-12.
  • The online platform focuses on core subjects and advanced topics like AI and blockchain, excluding history and religion.
  • Amid legal challenges, Zhao’s educational project is a major step in providing accessible, engaging learning experiences.

Changpeng Zhao, former Binance CEO, recently announced the launch of Giggle Academy, a project aiming to revolutionize children’s education. This initiative, which targets free basic education for children, has captured the global community’s attention, especially in the cryptocurrency sector.

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What is Binance Ex-CEO CZ’s Giggle Academy?

Giggle Academy stands out with its unique approach to learning, using adaptive and gamification strategies to make education more engaging and accessible. Zhao’s vision for this nonprofit organization is to provide free education from grades 1 to 12, integrating subjects such as writing, language, literature, maths, science, physics, biology, and finance. Furthermore, its curriculum for senior students will include advanced topics like programming, arts, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and entrepreneurship.

Zhao announced the project on Twitter, revealing his plans to give children free access to this educational model. The project has begun hiring staff, with a particular emphasis on recruiting teachers capable of creating engaging content. The response from the community has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising Zhao’s initiative to impact millions positively.

Giggle Academy’s Curriculum and Technology

“Building a high-quality and sticky education platform that is entirely free and accessible to all is the most impactful thing I could do for the next chapter in my life,” Zhao remarked, highlighting his commitment to this ambitious project.

Giggle Academy’s approach is notably comprehensive and adaptive. While focusing on core academic subjects, it deliberately omits history and religion due to their controversial nature. The platform is entirely online, leveraging AI automation to enhance the learning experience. However, it faces challenges, such as the need for more group support for students, which the team plans to address in future iterations. The gamification element is particularly aimed at younger students, fostering sustained engagement as they progress through their education.

Zhao’s decision to launch Giggle Academy comes amidst significant legal troubles in the United States. Following a $4.3 billion settlement with the U.S. Department of Justice last year, Zhao stepped down from his role at Binance. Currently, he is awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to money laundering charges, with a court date set for April 30.

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CZ’s Educational Pursuit Amidst Legal Hurdles

Despite these challenges, Zhao’s foray into the educational sector with Giggle Academy demonstrates his commitment to leveraging his expertise and resources for social good. The project aims to offer a more addictive and adaptive form of education to children, especially in disadvantaged jurisdictions, without replacing traditional school curriculums.

The crypto community and the wider public have received Zhao’s latest endeavor with enthusiasm. Giggle Academy promises to reshape the landscape of children’s education through its innovative approach, making learning more adaptive, engaging, and accessible worldwide. As Zhao awaits his legal proceedings, the education sector may witness a significant transformation thanks to his vision and dedication.

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