Users Report Bitget Mandates KYC & Blocks Traders in Restricted Countries

In an announcement email that marks a significant shift in its user policy, Bitget, the renowned digital asset platform, has made KYC (Know Your Customer) procedures mandatory for all its users in restricted geographies.

Multiple users on Twitter are reporting that as of July 15th, they will be required to complete the KYC procedures or cease trading. They have received an email from Bitget about an announcement. The announcement also comes with a noteworthy implication for traders as Bitget confirmed it would block access for users residing in restricted countries.

In that email, users are urged to complete the KYC procedures promptly to avoid any potential disruption in their trading activities. Those who fail to comply by the set deadline may experience restricted functionality on their accounts. 

This move is a part of Bitget’s continued efforts to comply with the changing landscape of international regulations concerning cryptocurrencies. The platform hopes that the mandatory KYC policy will promote a safer, more transparent trading environment.

Further details regarding the implementation of this policy and the list of restricted countries will be made available on Bitget’s official channels. Users are encouraged to stay informed and updated through the platform’s official announcements.

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