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TrueUSD Rises Like a Phoenix, Reaching $3 Billion Circulation Despite Prime Trust Insolvency



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Amid growing concerns over the impact of Prime Trust’s insolvency, TrueUSD (TUSD) – the USD-pegged stablecoin, has remained unflappable, propelling its circulation supply from $1 billion in March 2023 to over $3 billion. 

TUSD’s Remarkable Growth 

The growth trajectory of TUSD has been nothing short of incredible. Despite numerous obstacles, including Prime Trust’s insolvency and a temporary depegging incident, this stablecoin has managed to survive and thrive in the volatile cryptocurrency market. The sudden spurt in growth was marked by two massive prints of $1 billion each from a single address directly into Binance.


 Binance’s Role in TUSD’s Expansion 

Cryptocurrency exchange Binance has played a significant role in pushing trade volume for TUSD. The platform has been aggressively promoting this stablecoin, more so after the closure of its native stablecoin BUSD by New York regulators. According to data analysis firm KaikoData, Binance accounts for most of TUSD trade volume.

Unraveling the Mystery 

The recent activity surrounding TUSD has intrigued many within the crypto community. The stablecoin’s growth appeared standard, maintaining normal patterns of mint and redeem until two large capital infusions. These billion-dollar transactions were unusual enough to raise eyebrows, leading to a flurry of speculations and inquiries about their origins and purpose.


The Critical Role of Auditors 

In the cryptocurrency space, transparency and trustworthiness are key factors for any token’s success. With TrueUSD, the importance of auditors cannot be overlooked. The auditing process is crucial in assuring users that each TUSD token is indeed backed by an equivalent amount in U.S. dollars, thereby maintaining its pegged value.

In the wake of Prime Trust’s insolvency, TrueUSD’s independent auditing process has become even more vital. The audit checks and balances ensure that TUSD’s value remains stable, even in the face of major disruptions. This has been instrumental in building user trust and driving the recent growth spurt.

A Look Ahead

With its robust growth, TrueUSD has set a new benchmark for stablecoins. As it continues to gain traction, questions are bound to arise, especially concerning the mechanisms that have made this growth possible. For now, the market is watching TrueUSD with anticipation and interest. With more transparency and reliable audits, TrueUSD could be charting a new course for the future of stablecoins.

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