Starbucks to Enter the Metaverse in 2022


Some of the biggest companies in the world have been planning to enter the Metaverse. The NFT (non-fungible token) space has piqued the interest of individuals as well as organizations, which is anticipated to take crypto adoption to a whole new level.

Another company that is planning to step into the Metaverse in 2022 is Starbucks. The CEO has not revealed any details at the moment, however, it is set to be executed within this year.

The Metaverse benefits the cryptocurrency industry as it is speculated to boost the adoption of crypto on a global scale. It is also highly likely that it will provide a lot of opportunities for crypto enthusiasts. In short, Metaverse might very well be the next step towards the evolution of crypto.

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Could Starbucks Add Something to the Metaverse?

Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, recently announced in an Open Forum that the company is planning to enter the NFT space before 2022 ends. It seems that Schultz is highly in favor of the crypto space, which has led many to believe that with him as the CEO Starbucks can become crypto-friendlier.

During his speech, the CEO of Starbucks highlighted that the company has several outstanding tools and collections to move into this ecosystem, which is still new and young.

Schultz stated:

If you look at the companies, the brands, the celebrities, the influencers that are trying to create a digital NFT platform and business, I can’t find one of them that has the treasure trove of assets that Starbucks has from collectibles to the entire heritage of the company.”

Other popular companies that have stepped into the Metaverse have not only been sponsoring NFT drops but have also been creating stores in the new space. Starbucks also plans to do the same as Schultz stated that it is not merely a beverage brand.

If the company dedicates itself to the Metaverse, it is anticipated to create one of the world’s largest NFT marketplaces. Starbucks boasts years of history, tradition and collectibles that are found all around the world. This can work in favor of the company, especially if it is planning to step into the Metaverse.

The value of global companies is likely to surge, thanks to the Metaverse, which is one of the reasons behind the interest of major companies in the new technologies.

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Are you New to the Crypto Space?

The crypto space and Metaverse are somewhat complex and stepping into either of these can be challenging, especially for people who have little or no experience.

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