Solana-based NFT Integration to Occur Soon on OpenSea


Solana is one of the most popular altcoins and has grabbed the attention of a large audience, especially after the institutional investment in Solana-based products reportedly increased.

The NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are quite the buzz all around the world at the moment. They have not only opened doors of opportunity for the people but are also anticipated to add to the value of crypto assets in one way or another.

An NFT is a non-interchangeable unit of data that is stored on a blockchain. It is like a digital ledger that can be traded or sold. Some of the types of NFTs can be videos, audio and even photos.

As per reports, a popular NFT marketplace has now announced plans for NFT integration on the Solana blockchain. Let’s find out more details.

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OpenSea’s Plans for NFT Integration

OpenSea is a leading NFT (non-fungible token) marketplace. According to reports, it has released a teaser for the integration of NFTs on the Solana blockchain, which has been rumored to happen for a long time.

As per reports, OpenSea plans to carry out the integration in April.

Earlier today, OpenSea also posted a video on Twitter that shows the requests from the community to launch Solana NFTs.

It also has an interesting caption, as seen below.

Most of the NFTs are on Ethereum, which is known to be a technologically advanced network that keeps evolving. However, Solana is also home to some prominent collections such as:

  • Degenerate Ape Academy
  • Solana Monkey Business

OpenSea is the largest marketplace in the world and currently has approximately $24 billion worth of total sales volume. It only offers support to NFTs on Polygon, Ethereum and Klaytn blockchains at the moment but adding Solana NFTs was anticipated to happen since the beginning of this year.

However, the addition of Solana to OpenSea may not be so beneficial for Magic Eden and can cause major disruption for it. It is a popular marketplace that hosted more than 90% of all SOL NFT sales over the last week.

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