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Russian Ministry of Finance Proposes Exporting Cryptocurrencies as a Commodity like Natural Gas



Table of Contents

  • Russia aims to export mined cryptocurrencies officially, paralleling its gas export model.
  • The sector and national economy are expected to thrive by 2024 through the legalization of cryptocurrency.
  • The cryptocurrency mining industry in Russia indicates a bright future for both miners and investors.

According to the latest development, Russia’s Ministry of Finance is spearheading a transformative initiative, drawing intriguing parallels between the cryptocurrency market and the nation’s prosperous gas export model.


Deputy Minister of Finance, Ivan Chebeskov, recently disclosed an innovative concept that could empower Russian cryptocurrency miners to export their mined digital assets as legitimate products. This marks a significant leap toward formally recognizing cryptocurrency mining as a thriving industry within the country.

Gas Export Model Inspires Cryptocurrency Vision

Inspired by the well-established gas export framework, the Ministry of Finance has meticulously outlined a comprehensive plan. Chebeskov emphasized the striking parallel between cryptocurrency exports and gas exports, envisioning a scenario where miners can export the results of their mining activities. The proposed legislation, currently undergoing scrutiny, aims to integrate cryptocurrency transactions into foreign economic activities, marking the initiation of a trial period.

Legislation Propels the Initiative Forward

A pivotal moment in this trajectory was the bill submitted to the State Duma in November 2022. This legislation not only outlines how miners can sell their currency but also sets guidelines for responsible advertising and public offerings. Notably, the Central Bank suggests that cryptocurrency obtained through mining can only be traded on foreign platforms, accessible to non-residents, and independent of Russian information infrastructure.

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Economic Impact and Tax Contributions

The Ministry of Finance estimates an annual mining value of approximately $4 billion, with miners reaping profits totaling around 100 billion rubles. Envisaging a 20% income tax rate, the sector’s tax contributions could potentially soar to 20 billion rubles.

Anatoly Aksakov, Deputy Head of the Ministry, expresses optimism regarding the plan’s realization, projecting a landscape where cryptocurrency miners operate within legal boundaries by 2024, thereby significantly bolstering the nation’s economy.

Not as Simple as It Sounds

However, amid this positive outlook, the absence of regulatory oversight has presented challenges. Issues such as unregulated equipment imports and strain on the energy grid have surfaced. Pavel Snikkars, Deputy Minister of Energy, emphasizes the urgency of imposing industry restrictions and regulations, citing the impact of unregulated mining activities on local infrastructure.

Embracing Change

Aksakov advocates for a broader perspective, acknowledging the evolving cryptocurrency landscape. As newer cryptocurrencies adopt unconventional mining methods, attention is shifting toward repurposing mining data centers for emerging technologies like artificial intelligence. Industry experts, including Igor Runets, CEO of BitRiver, foresee potential in diversifying these centers into foundations for energy-intensive computing applications.

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A Promising Era for Cryptocurrency in Russia

Russia’s resolute strides toward formalizing and regulating the cryptocurrency mining industry signal a promising era for miners and investors alike. If the proposed legislation materializes, it holds the potential to confer legitimacy, spur economic growth, and offer regulatory clarity to a sector that has long grappled within a regulatory gray area.

In conclusion, Russia’s bold initiative to export cryptocurrencies mirrors the successful gas export model, paving the way for a significant paradigm shift in the cryptocurrency landscape. As the nation goes through the challenges and embraces innovation, the envisioned regulatory framework could herald a new era of legitimacy, economic prosperity, and regulatory clarity for the industry.


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