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XRP Surges Back Up to Same Price Level After Court Ruled in Ripple’s Favor



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Ripple’s XRP Soars in Cryptocurrency Market

  • Ripple’s XRP experienced a significant price surge, soaring over 1000% since March 2020, showing resilience even during bearish market conditions.
  • Recent bullish trends push XRP price over 20%, breaking resistance levels and forming patterns indicating further potential growth.
  • Legal developments and large transactions involving XRP continue to influence the cryptocurrency market, with Ripple’s ongoing SEC lawsuit playing a crucial role.

Ripple’s XRP stirs up the cryptocurrency market with a powerful performance. Since rebounding from March 2020 lows, XRP’s price soared over 1000%. Even amidst a bear market that erased 80% of those gains, XRP held firm, refusing to dip below its rising support line.

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XRP Surges After Recent Lows

A recent surge propelled XRP’s price skyward by over 20% in mere hours, securing a target above $0.80. This thrusts XRP into the forefront of crypto performers, surpassing numerous memecoins. Investors and market players alike are renewing their focus on major altcoins like XRP as a result.

While XRP has previously wrestled against upper resistance, its current momentum has shattered that barrier. Additionally, a double-bottom pattern formed within a pivotal symmetrical triangle hints at a potentially massive upward climb. This formation suggests that XRP prices could blast past their 2021 high of approximately $1.98.

XRP’s Bullish Momentum and Market Outlook

The weekly Relative Strength Index (RSI) signals a bullish advantage, hinting at further gains for XRP. An initial target of $0.77 looms as interim resistance, potentially paving the way for a climb above $0.8. Before breaching $0.85 to reach new highs, a consolidation period is probable. This could trigger a powerful breakout beyond $1, reversing bearish trends and driving the price closer to its all-time record.

Adding to the buzz, a large XRP holder has withdrawn millions of XRP from Binance, the top cryptocurrency exchange globally. However, recent data reveals these are internal Binance transactions, likely related to how the exchange manages its XRP holdings. Over the past day, this holder moved 77.7 million XRP across four separate transactions.

Ripple moved a significant 19,749,927 XRP (worth roughly $14,447,036) to Bitstamp, a major crypto exchange based in the U.S. and Europe. The transfer came from a Ripple Labs-linked wallet. Bitstamp and Ripple collaborate on RippleNet, which leverages XRP for swift and affordable international payments.

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XRP’s Impact on Crypto Market Dynamics

The ongoing court battle between Ripple and the SEC remains a critical driver in the crypto market. The SEC secured a deadline extension for filing documents related to remedies in its case against Ripple. The court approved this request, setting a new March 22 deadline for the SEC’s opening brief. Ripple’s opposition is due April 22, with the SEC’s reply expected by May 6, 2024.

The lawsuit, launched in December 2020, centers on the SEC’s allegation that Ripple and its executives sold $1.3 billion in unregistered securities via XRP. Central to the case is whether XRP qualifies as a security. Ripple refutes this, while the SEC asserts the opposite. The case’s outcome, along with discussions on the Howey test, will significantly influence the cryptocurrency landscape.

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