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MicroStrategy Tops List of World’s Largest Corporate Bitcoin Holders


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Corporate Giants Embrace Bitcoin While MicroStrategy Leads the Charge

  • MicroStrategy holds the largest corporate Bitcoin portfolio with 174,530 bitcoins valued at $9.1 billion as of February 2024.
  • Other major holders include Tesla and two Canadian mining firms, Hut 8 and Hive Blockchain, with significant surges in their share values.
  • The rising corporate interest in Bitcoin coincides with the cryptocurrency reaching new highs and the introduction of regulated Bitcoin ETFs.

MicroStrategy has emerged as the largest corporate holder of Bitcoin, according to recent data. This Virginia-based intelligence software firm, known for its substantial Bitcoin holdings, leads a list of global companies investing heavily in the digital currency.

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MicroStrategy Remains A Titan in the Bitcoin Market

MicroStrategy currently holds a staggering 174,530 bitcoins, valued at an estimated $9.1 billion as of February 22, 2024. This figure puts the company well ahead of other corporate holders in terms of the volume of Bitcoin held.

Since beginning its Bitcoin acquisition in 2020, MicroStrategy’s holdings have grown exponentially, now approximately ten times larger than the next highest corporate holder. This aggressive investment strategy in Bitcoin has seen MicroStrategy’s shares soar over 350% in 2023, reflecting the impact of its Bitcoin strategy on its market value.

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Key Players in Corporate Bitcoin Investment

Galaxy Digital and Marathon Digital, both U.S.-based companies, follow MicroStrategy on the list, holding 17,518 and 13,716 bitcoins respectively. These companies, alongside MicroStrategy, exemplify the growing corporate interest in Bitcoin as a significant asset. Tesla, another prominent name on the list, holds 10,500 bitcoins, valued at $546.7 million. Despite selling a large share of its holdings during the crypto crash, Tesla’s initial investment of $1.5 billion in Bitcoin in 2021 significantly influenced its financial strategy and offered liquidity for customers purchasing its products with the cryptocurrency.

Canadian companies Hut 8 and Hive Blockchain also feature as top holders, with their shares surging by 191% and 144%, respectively. These cryptocurrency mining companies have capitalized on the growing market interest in Bitcoin, enhancing their market position. Similarly, CleanSpark, another Bitcoin miner, witnessed its shares boom over 425% in 2023. This year, the company announced plans to expand its mining operations by purchasing four new facilities, primarily in Mississippi, for a total of $19.8 million.

New Era of Corporate Finance

The increasing corporate investment in Bitcoin aligns with the digital currency’s rise to new record highs. As Bitcoin’s market value climbs, more companies are showing interest in integrating this cryptocurrency into their financial strategies. This trend is further fueled by the introduction of newly regulated spot Bitcoin ETFs, which have contributed to the increase in demand. Consequently, Bitcoin’s market capitalization reached $1 trillion for the first time since 2021, highlighting its growing acceptance and integration into mainstream financial markets.

This significant corporate investment in Bitcoin underscores the shifting landscape of corporate finance and asset management. As companies like MicroStrategy lead the way in Bitcoin holdings, they not only redefine their own financial strategies but also influence the broader market perception and acceptance of cryptocurrencies as viable investment assets. With Bitcoin’s continued growth and the increasing corporate interest, the future of cryptocurrency in the corporate world looks increasingly integrated and expansive.

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