MicroStrategy Strengthens Bitcoin Reserves Adds $147.3 Million Worth of Bitcoin to Its Arsenal

  • MicroStrategy continues to expand its crypto holdings by acquiring another 5,445 bitcoins.
  • This recent acquisition has boosted the company’s aggregate holdings to 158,245 Bitcoins, currently valued at an impressive $4.68 billion.

In the latest development, MicroStrategy announced a substantial acquisition of bitcoins in August and September, further strengthening its position in the digital asset market and strengthening its crypto holdings.

Recent Bitcoin Purchase

In a recent announcement, MicroStrategy disclosed the acquisition of a remarkable 5,445 Bitcoins at an average price of $27,053 per Bitcoin. This strategic move has significantly bolstered MicroStrategy’s already substantial Bitcoin holdings, showcasing its unwavering commitment to the digital currency.

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MicroStrategy Bitcoin Holdings

As of this moment, MicroStrategy proudly possesses a staggering total of 158,245 Bitcoins, equating to a value of approximately $4.68 billion. These holdings come with an average unit price of $29,582, and in the current market landscape, these Bitcoin assets are valued at approximately $4.12 billion. This impressive accumulation highlights the company’s determination to embrace Bitcoin and fortify its cryptocurrency asset portfolio.

Capital Infusion through Stock Issuance

Furthermore, MicroStrategy demonstrated its dedication to fueling its cryptocurrency pursuits by agreeing to the issuance and sale of $750 million worth of common stock. This collaboration involved Cowen and Company, LLC, Canaccord Genuity LLC, and Berenberg Capital Markets LLC.

The company successfully issued 403,362 shares, generating net proceeds of around $147.3 million as of Sunday. These funds are poised to facilitate further Bitcoin acquisitions and support MicroStrategy’s diverse corporate activities.

Inspiring Institutional Investors

MicroStrategy’s steadfast commitment to cryptocurrencies inspires institutional investors, highlighting the value proposition of Bitcoin as a reserve asset. With Bitcoin advocate Michael Saylor at the helm, the company stands as a notable example of a non-crypto-mining entity that has judiciously accumulated billions of dollars worth of Bitcoin on its balance sheet.

As of September 24th, MicroStrategy’s Bitcoin holdings surpassed 158,245 Bitcoins, acquired at an average price of $29,582 per Bitcoin, with a total investment of approximately $4.68 billion.

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Market Response

Following this announcement, MicroStrategy’s stock, symbolized as MSTR, experienced a modest decline of 0.6% in premarket trading on Monday. Simultaneously, the broader cryptocurrency market, represented by Bitcoin (BTC-USD), saw a 2.0% dip in value, with Bitcoin trading at $26.1K.


MicroStrategy’s consistent commitment to expanding its cryptocurrency portfolio shows a lot of trust in Bitcoin as an investment asset. With substantial holdings and a strong financial position, MicroStrategy continues to influence the cryptocurrency market and encourage other institutions to explore the possibilities offered by digital assets. We usually see positive sentiment in the market after such moves as big institutional investment shows confidence in the crypto world.

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