Magic Craft Review – Metaverse Meets Blockchain


What to Know About the Magic Craft Metaverse?

Magic Craft is an MMO crypto RPG that has been launched on the Binance Smart Chain. It brings decentralization of blockchain to online gaming, i.e. all items available in the game are based on blockchain. It is set to take the gaming industry by storm, offering incredible opportunities for gamers to participate in wars and conquer while earning NFTs at the same time. Magic Craft enables the players to form associations in an advanced way while benefiting from taxes and improved economic systems.

Players of Magic Craft can team up with others to build clans and go up against other clans to fight and conquer castles and more.

There are seven castles on the platform that are built by powerful Elders. Different clans can battle each other to conquer the castles and get ownership. The kings of the castles get taxations in the form of the MCRT token, which is Magic Craft’s native cryptocurrency.

Each player can hold the value of their character in MCRT tokens. There are also various collectibles for each character that include:

  • Armor
  • Attacks
  • Clothes
  • Items
  • Magic scrolls
  • NFT traits
  • Poses
  • Spells
  • Weapons

Players of the game can trade these collectible items for MCRT tokens in the NFT marketplace.

The more powerful castles, armors and weapons collected by the players, the higher the staking rewards will be for them.

What To Know About the Characters?

The characters on Magic Craft consist of five categories of heroes. Each category has free heroes, which cannot be sold on the marketplace. There are also epic heroes in the game that can be sold. However, the players can access the epic heroes by unlocking them with MCRT tokens.


Archers are distance fighters that can engage in both distant and close combat. These characters are excellent marksmen with impeccable shots. They are also masters in survivalism and can create fantastic traps to mislead their enemies. Their strong suits also include the ability to blend into the environment and remain undetected by their foes.

They are also great trackers and can cause very high damage.

Some of the distance fighters available include the following:

  • Archangel
  • Demon hell archer
  • Gottry
  • Piercing eye
  • Sequoia

Armored Heroes

One of the categories of heroes is armored heroes, who are brawling warriors and cause medium damage. These heroes are mighty warriors, familiar with the art of weaponry. These powerful heroes are highly trained and skilled. Armored heroes are formidable fighters that are quick on the battlefield, despite carrying heavy armory and shields.

They wield several kinds of weapons, including two-handed weapons, which are collectible items.

They use combinations of fierce attacks and lethal maneuvers, delivering defeat to the enemies along with massive damage to all.

Some of the armored heroes are mentioned as follows, with more to come.

  • Dwarf
  • Excalibur
  • Giant
  • Massive corrupted warrior
  • Shield


The challengers are rogue characters that specialize in several things. These characters can be used to build an attack that can deliver combo points to the players and cause high damage.

They are not heavily armored but instead can remain in the shadows while delivering massive blows to the opposing clans.

The rogue characters have several defensive abilities and a never-ending pool of energy. They can cause damage to the enemy through poisons and stuns and can vanish from the battlefield if the odds turn against them.

Here are some of the rogue characters available:

  • Assassin
  • Axe fury
  • Mutant
  • Speedpunch
  • Victor


Druids are connected to nature and are keepers of the world. They practice the knowledge passed down by Cenarius and Ancestors and channel their strength from the living energy. By using this energy, the Druids can also control the forces of nature and even change forms, usually turning into totem animals.

Some of the Druid characters are mentioned below.

  • Elf
  • Mutated poisoner
  • Potion Master
  • Visionary
  • Wretch


Wizards are also called mages that are capable of causing very high damage to the opponents. They specialize in effect spells and delivering massive burst damage. They are also capable of controlling the crowd while fulfilling some utility roles such as opening portals or teleporting useful items for their allies.

Here are some of the wizards, with more to come soon.

  • Cosmic
  • Dark wizard
  • Magic maniac
  • The Mage of light
  • Wicked Witch

Items Available for The Characters

Archer Items:

The Archers in the Magic Craft world make use of the following items:

  • Beast trap
  • Blessing of the moon
  • Bow blade
  • Divine light
  • Eclipse star
  • Flame arrow
  • Great heavy arrows
  • Quick quiver
  • Scrolls/Spells

Druid Items:

Following are the items in Magic Craft available for the powerful Druids.

  • Bell helmet
  • Ceremonial mask
  • Ceremonial scepter
  • Crown of the blind
  • Fairy lantern
  • Hunter’s glove
  • Leaf splitter
  • Rejuvenating ronce
  • Taurus shield

Corrupted Knight Items:

The Corrupted Knight has the following items available.

  • Barbarian great axe
  • Broken knife
  • Dragon gauntlet
  • Gauntlets of strength
  • Heroes’ great sword
  • Hunter’s axe
  • Imperial helm
  • Infantry helm
  • Twin axes

Features Of the Game

Magic Craft offers the opportunity for players to earn NFTs while playing. It also has several impressive features that make Magic Craft stand out in the gaming world:

Battle for Castles

There are seven powerful castles in the Magic Craft world. There is a battle to conquer one of the seven castles every week. Members of different clans can pick their weapons and head out to fight each other to take control of the castles.

Control the Metaverse

The in-built items in the game are based on blockchain technology, which really set it apart from several other games out in the market today. There are NFT marketplace, DAO voting, crypto trading and more featured on the game.

Crypto Taxation

Fighting to win control over different powerful castles in the Magic Craft world offers more than just the thrill. As owners of the castles, the players can collect taxes in MCRT token, the native digital asset of Magic Craft.


Magic Craft is powered by the Unity engine and offers an exhilarating gaming experience to the players who can choose PvE (players vs environment), PvP (players vs players), Play-to-earn and Castle Sieges.


The items for each character mentioned above are collectible by the players. After collecting items such as clothes, weapons, spells, poses and more, the players can sell them in the NFT marketplace and get MCRT tokens.

Smooth Integrations

The MCRT tokens acquired by the players can be used to purchase their favorite items or heroes. The players can also pay the MCRT tokens to their favorite streamers on YouTube, Facebook or Twitter.

How To Play?

The basics of how to play Magic Craft have been mentioned above.

You can simply begin by making a clan with other players in the game. Each week all the formed clans battle each other to gain control over one of the seven castles created by powerful Elders in the Magic Craft world.

There are benefits of being in control of a castle, both within the game and in the real world.

The new players of Magic Craft can join in with a default hero. The gamers can use the MCRT token to purchase more items, champions and even upgrades. There are free heroes on three ranks, after which the players can have enough NFTs to get access to new premium heroes on the Magic Craft marketplace.

Statistics Of the Magic Craft Metaverse

Here are some interesting statistics to know about the Magic Craft Metaverse.

  • $1.9 trillion overall digital currency market cap
  • $3 billion market cap of corresponding game IDO
  • $8.2 billion total market cap of play-to-earn games
  • 7 one-of-a-kind in-built castles to conquer
  • Approximately $190 million MCRT token rewards planned for the players
  • More than 100 unique characters in the mystical Magic Craft world

Team Behind the Magic Craft Metaverse

The Magic Craft Metaverse is closely knitted and integrated with the leading-edge features mentioned above, thanks to the tireless efforts of the remarkable Magic Craft team.

The founder of the Magic Craft Metaverse is James Stock Guru accompanied by some of the top advisors in the crypto space including:

  • The Moon Carl
  • Slavik Junge
  • Chris MMCrypto
  • CryptoMo

Ad Advisor Alex Meurer, Executive Producer Roman Shportko and Media Advisor Davinci Jeremie are also part of the expert team.

The intriguing and mystical creatures in the game are a product of the developer team’s efforts, which includes:

  • Serhiy Nyzhnyk (Game Developer)
  • Dariia Silkina (UX/UI Magician)
  • Houssame Khairane (Illustrator)
  • Mario Cristian Ciurcanu (CVO/Blockchain Economy Design)

MCRT Token (Tokenomics)

The MCRT token is the native token of Magic Craft that allows players to make purchases, earn rewards and participate in the decision-making process for the game. The mechanisms associated with games economics include production, piloting, and overarching. Players can buy items directly from the production layer, piloting gives them access to rare equipment, and a limited edition of items are added to the game through sales.

Tokenomics% of TokensVesting
Gaming Issuance33%4 years linear distribution
Team22%3 months lockup, 12 months linear vest
Publics Sale5%
Staking Issuance9%60 months linear release
P1 Strategic2.5%3 months lockup, 12 months linear vest
P2 Strategic3.5%3 months lockup, 12 months linear vest
P3 Strategic4% 
Advisors6%3months lockup, 12 months linear vest
Reserve Fund9% 

The total supply of the MCRT token is currently 10,000,000,000 and the Magic Craft team owns only 22% of it. That 22% has an initial locking period of 3 months and is also locked by vesting for 12 months. 33% of the tokens will be issued via the game over the course of 4 years linear distribution period. The complete breakdown of the tokenomics is as follow:


The MCRT token will have the following utilities:

  • Revenue share via Magic Craft Heroes Staking.
  • Governance for Magic Craft ecosystem.
  • Value capture of the Magic Craft ecosystem.

In-game the MCRT token can be used for the following purposes:

  • Purchasing of Magic Craft Box (Source of Hero).
  • Upgrading Heroes
  • Streaming rewards
  • Betting

Magic Craft Treasury

In order to stake and receive a shared proportion from Magic Craft Ecosystem revenue, investors will need both the MCRT token and the Magic Craft Hero. This will ensure that the contributor is not just making a financial investment but is also contributing to the game’s development.

The Magic Craft Treasury will go live in 2022 and will begin receiving revenues generated by Magic Craft Arena and a portion of staking rewards. Magic Craft staking participants will govern this Treasury until the network has become sufficiently decentralized. The Magic Craft treasury will receive inflow from.

  • 4.25% of all Magic Craft NFT marketplace transactions.
  • The $MCRT portion of the ecosystem fee.
  • More revenue streams will be added in the future.


​Opening a Magic crate/Box will cost an MCRT token, depending on what kind of Magic Craft Box you choose. The MCRT portion is variable and subject to adjustment based on a myriad of economic factors. These boxes can cost anywhere between 1000 to 50,000 MCRT, depending on the type of box you choose.





The world of Magic Craft offers an exhilarating experience of teaming up with other players around the world and conquering magical castles and more. Magic Craft is where the Metaverse meets blockchain, which offers a more real gaming experience. It is not only focused on victories within the game but also in the real world, thanks to the integration of the NFT marketplace. Features such as this and others mentioned above, make the Magic Craft Metaverse stand out in the gaming industry.