LastPass Hack Records Another $4.4M Crypto Theft

  • A cryptocurrency thief steals $4.4 million from crypto platform LastPass in a single day.
  • The LastPass breach in 2022, which affected around 80 wallets, has already cost users more than $35 million.
  • LastPass worker’s login details were stolen in a previous breach from August.

Cryptocurrency Theft Shocks the LastPass Community Again

In a big surprise, a cryptocurrency thief swiped a whopping $4.4 million in just one day. This news shook up the cryptocurrency world.

What makes it even worse is that this breach added to the ongoing problem caused by the LastPass breach since 2022, which has already cost users more than $35 million. The trouble started with a significant data breach that hit LastPass in 2022.

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This breach messed up the security of around 80 wallets. Sadly, many victims had been using LastPass for a long time, especially those who kept their important crypto wallet keys and codes in the LastPass software.

To solve the mystery and understand what happened, a researcher known as ZachXBT and a developer named Taylor Monahan teamed up.

They followed the trail of money from the wallets that got hit. They discovered that at least 25 people lost $4.4 million because of this breach. LastPass came clean about the breach in December 2022.


The sneaky thief used information stolen in a previous breach from August. They aimed at a LastPass worker to get their login details and then unscramble customer data.

The real shocker was that the thief grabbed a backup of encrypted customer data. LastPass warned that this data could be unlocked if the attacker guessed the primary password.

Cybersecurity Expert’s Grim Report

In September, cybersecurity reporter Brian Krebs shared some concerning news. He said many of the vaults where LastPass customers kept their essential stuff had been messed with.

This breach led to the bad guys taking more than $35 million in cryptocurrency from about 150 people. This was a big shocker that made everyone in the crypto world very worried.

Currently, FTX proposes customer fund return plan, potentially returning up to 90% of funds. Read here.

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The folks who got hurt in this LastPass mess weren’t just going to sit around. They decided to take the company to court. In January, a group of people filed a class-action lawsuit.

They said that because of the August 2022 breach, they lost about $53,000 worth of Bitcoin. This legal fight shows how serious the breach was and how much damage it caused. It’s a big deal, and the consequences are far-reaching.

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In a recent tweet, ZachXBT gave a vital heads-up. He warned everyone who ever put their wallet keys or secret codes in LastPass. He firmly said, “Move your digital money to a safer place right now.” This is to make sure your money stays safe and doesn’t get stolen.