It’s No Surprise: Experts React as Ethereum Competitor Solana Makes a Comeback


Solana’s Rise: Speed, Cost-Efficiency, and Big Partnerships Fuel its Comeback

  • Solana’s native coin, SOL, experiences an impressive 88% surge in value over the past month, outperforming major cryptocurrencies.
  • Positioned as a robust competitor to Ethereum, Solana’s cost-effectiveness and speed make it an attractive choice for on-chain applications.
  • Major partnerships with Visa and Shopify, coupled with an astounding short-term rally, have reignited Solana’s prospects, raising questions about its long-term sustainability in the crypto landscape.

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The crypto world has been buzzing with the resurgence of Solana, and the numbers don’t lie. Solana’s native coin, SOL, has seen a remarkable surge, shooting up by over 9% in just one day, reaching an impressive 24-hour high of $44.41. Over the past month, it has skyrocketed by an astounding 88%, outperforming its peers in the crypto market. 

Solana’s Strengths and Competition

Solana has firmly established itself as a formidable contender to Ethereum, the reigning champion of smart contract platforms. The key difference that sets Solana apart is its cost-effectiveness and speed. While Ethereum users shell out an average of $6.58 for a single transaction, Solana offers the same services at a mere $0.000522. It’s this stark contrast that has captured the attention of major players like Visa and Shopify, as well as developers looking to harness blockchain technology.

Experts are unanimous in their praise for Solana’s approach. With a relentless focus on high base layer throughput and a simplified developer experience, Solana is making waves in the crypto world. Major partnerships and institutional interest, such as the integration with Shopify, have also played a pivotal role in driving up SOL’s price.

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Factors Behind Solana’s Resurgence

Solana’s resurgence is not merely a fluke. The blockchain’s role in on-chain applications and its appeal to corporate giants like Visa and Shopify underscore its potential. The integration of Solana Pay with Shopify, enabling merchants to accept stablecoin USDC, has capitalized on Shopify’s significant share in the U.S. online retail sector. It translates to an estimated $444 billion in global transactions, according to experts.

The recent rally of Solana, surging over 24% in just 24 hours and nearly 80% in the past month, may seem like a classic short squeeze. However, beneath the surface, there’s a narrative suggesting that Solana isn’t just as good as Ethereum—it aims to replace it. Despite the FTX debacle and initial skepticism, Solana has persisted and thrived, attracting fresh investments and interest.

The Breakpoint conference in October played a significant role in this resurgence, marking a stark contrast to the previous year when SOL’s price plummeted after the FTX crash. The question that remains is whether Solana’s resurgence is here to stay or if it’s just another wave in the ever-changing crypto sea.

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