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Iceland PM Sees Farming as Better Use of Cheap Energy Used for Bitcoin Mining



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Iceland Redirects Energy from Cryptocurrency to Agriculture

  • Iceland’s Prime Minister announces a strategic shift from Bitcoin mining to agricultural development to enhance food independence and energy sustainability.
  • The move aims to reduce Iceland’s reliance on imported corn and increase domestic production, currently at only 1% for grain and 43% for vegetables.
  • The policy change reflects a global trend towards re-evaluating the environmental impact of cryptocurrency mining, as seen in similar actions by other regions.

To move away from the energy-intensive cryptocurrency mining industry, Iceland’s Prime Minister, Katrín Jakobsdóttir, announced a significant pivot in the country’s energy policy. She revealed plans to shift Iceland’s renewable energy focus from Bitcoin mining to boosting agricultural development.

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Iceland’s Energy Pivot: From Digital Coins to Corn Fields

During an interview with the Financial Times, Jakobsdóttir outlined her vision, emphasizing the critical importance of enhancing food independence in Iceland. Additionally, she aims to broaden the distribution of renewable energy across households and industries, thereby strengthening the country’s overall energy infrastructure.

Iceland, globally recognized for its substantial energy output from hydroelectric and geothermal plants, currently ranks as the world’s largest energy producer per capita. This distinction has made it an attractive hub for Bitcoin mining, leading the country to a prominent position in global Bitcoin hash rate production. Estimates from Luxor, a Bitcoin mining services provider, suggest that Icelandic Bitcoin mining consumes about 120 megawatts of electricity, a significant amount given the country’s small population of just 370,000.

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Addressing Food Security: A Turn Towards Domestic Agriculture

Prime Minister Jakobsdóttir’s strategic decision to refocus energy use marks a departure from the nation’s previous emphasis on cryptocurrency mining. This shift prioritizes agricultural development, placing increased importance on farming activities, particularly corn cultivation, over the operation of Bitcoin mining rigs. The Prime Minister views this change as a dual-benefit approach, enhancing food production and energy sustainability.

A key driver behind this policy shift is Iceland’s reliance on imported corn, which has become a notable vulnerability, especially during winter power shortages. This reliance forces some industries to turn to non-renewable energy sources. By fostering domestic corn cultivation through a proposed farm funding system, Jakobsdóttir aims to reduce this dependence on imports. Currently, Iceland only produces 1% of its grain and 43% of its vegetables domestically, underscoring the critical need for increased agricultural output.

Rethinking Cryptocurrency’s Environmental Footprint

This reevaluation of Iceland’s approach to cryptocurrency mining coincides with a global surge in energy consumption by Bitcoin miners. They are ramping up investments in preparation for the upcoming Bitcoin halving event in April, which is expected to impact the mining landscape significantly.

Iceland’s decision reflects a growing global awareness of the environmental impacts of cryptocurrency mining. This awareness is mirrored in actions like the one taken by the Canadian province of British Columbia. In 2022, British Columbia implemented a moratorium on new crypto-mining operations to manage its electricity supply, a decision recently upheld by a Supreme Court judge in the province. This judgment underlines the growing concern over the substantial energy use by crypto mining and its potential impacts on global energy resources.

Prime Minister Jakobsdóttir’s announcement represents a significant shift in Iceland’s energy and economic policies. This move could set a precedent for other countries grappling with similar issues surrounding cryptocurrency mining and renewable energy use.

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