FTX Probes $6.5 Million Payments to AI Safety Group Amid Bankruptcy

  • FTX and CAIS are heading into a legal battle over $6.5 million in payments.
  • FTX, once a significant player in digital currencies, is struggling due to financial difficulties and is investigating the money sent to CAIS between May and September 2022.
  • FTX is using legal subpoenas to obtain information from CAIS regarding the money.

FTX and CAIS About to Begin Legal Battle

FTX, which used to be a big player in the digital money world, is having a tough time. They sent $6.5 million to a nonprofit group called the Center for AI Safety (CAIS) between May and September 2022.

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This is a big deal because FTX said they didn’t have enough money to pay their debts in November 2022, leaving the people who lent them money and their customers in a difficult situation. Now, FTX is trying to figure out what happened with the $6.5 million they gave to CAIS.

They want to make things right with their creditors and customers since they don’t have all the money they need. FTX has managed to get back $7 billion, but they’re still missing $1.7 billion because some money might have been misused.

To solve this money mystery, FTX is taking legal action. They’ve asked for legal documents called subpoenas to get information from CAIS. They want to know about the money they sent, how CAIS used it, and if there were any agreements between FTX, its partners, and the people who used to work for FTX. The crypto firm wants documents, messages, and money transfers related to different people and groups connected to FTX.


The subpoenas mention co-founders Sam Bankman-Fried, Gary Wang, and other important people linked to the exchange, including former Futures Exchange lawyers Can Sun and Daniel Friedberg. These legal documents are important in figuring out what happened with the money between FTX and CAIS.

CAIS didn’t want to give this information voluntarily, so they’re going to court, which makes this situation even more interesting.

CAIS’s Stance on the case

CAIS has been really quiet and hasn’t answered FTX’s questions. This silence makes us worry about the money and agreements. We need to know what CAIS does to understand why this is a big deal. They’re a nonprofit group that talks about ensuring artificial intelligence (AI) is safe.

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In May, CAIS even said we should take AI risks as seriously as the risk of a nuclear war. Important people in the AI world, like OpenAI’s CEO Sam Altman and the famous AI expert Geoffrey Hinton, agreed with this idea.
FTX has asked for a lot of information through legal requests called subpoenas.

This investigation is very important for Futures Exchange, the people who lent them money, and their customers. It will decide if Futures Exchange can get back on its feet and pay its debts and customers. This might also affect other cryptocurrency exchanges.