FTX Files Lawsuit Against Bitget, Aims to ‘Claw Back’ $953M in Assets


Allegations of Special Treatment and Asset Withdrawals Rock Crypto Exchanges

  • FTX files a lawsuit seeking to recover $953 million from Bybit Fintech, alleging preferential treatment and significant asset withdrawals before FTX’s Chapter 11 filing.
  • Bybit’s investment arm, Mirana, is accused of exploiting exclusive “VIP” benefits to withdraw assets, leaving regular FTX customers facing delays during the exchange’s collapse in November 2022.
  • FTX’s legal maneuvers highlight a broader industry impact, emphasizing the need for regulatory measures in the evolving cryptocurrency landscape.

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FTX has filed a lawsuit against Bybit Fintech and its affiliates, aiming to recover a substantial amount of $953 million. The legal action marks a significant move by FTX to address alleged financial discrepancies.

In November 2022, FTX initiated Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings. Chapter 11 provides struggling companies with the opportunity to reclaim funds in the months preceding bankruptcy, preventing certain creditors from gaining undue advantages. FTX’s new management has actively pursued efforts to recover funds disbursed before the Chapter 11 filing.

Key players in the lawsuit include FTX, Bybit Fintech, Mirana, and Time Research. The lawsuit identifies a senior Mirana executive and Singaporean residents allegedly connected to the withdrawal activities under scrutiny.

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Allegations Against Bybit Fintech

Bybit Fintech’s investment arm, Mirana, is accused of enjoying exclusive “VIP” benefits not accessible to most FTX customers. These privileges are alleged to have been leveraged to withdraw assets before FTX’s collapse in November 2022.

Mirana is claimed to have pressured FTX employees to expedite its withdrawal requests, causing delays for regular customers. The lawsuit seeks to recover assets totaling $953 million, including $327 million allegedly withdrawn by Mirana between November 7 and November 8, 2022, when FTX temporarily halted withdrawals.

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Legal Maneuvers and Industry Implications

FTX has undertaken legal actions against Bybit Fintech, Mirana, and Time Research. As of now, there is no immediate response from Bybit Fintech representatives. FTX’s spokesperson has declined to comment on the ongoing lawsuit, emphasizing the seriousness of the legal dispute.

The lawsuit has broader implications for the crypto industry, underscoring the necessity of regulatory measures. FTX’s legal actions are part of a series aimed at recovering funds and maintaining accountability in the cryptocurrency sector. The lack of swift responses from Bybit Fintech adds complexity to the unfolding legal landscape.

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