Fantom Foundation Faces Cryptocurrency Hack: Over $550,000 Stolen


Foundation Acknowledges Security Breach

In a recent development, the Fantom Foundation, the organization behind the Fantom network, confirmed a security breach where over $550,000 worth of cryptocurrency was stolen. The foundation has addressed the situation and assured the public that 99% of their funds remain secure. The team is actively investigating the incident.

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Initial Reports of Larger Theft

Initial reports from blockchain security researchers indicated a more substantial loss of around $7 million in cryptocurrencies. However, the Fantom Foundation subsequently released an official statement, clarifying that not all the stolen funds were from the foundation. Some wallets, initially labeled as “Fantom: Foundation wallet,” had been mislabeled by block explorers. According to the foundation, these wallets had been reassigned to a Fantom employee and no longer held company funds.

Ongoing Investigation

The Fantom Foundation is diligently working to uncover the details of the breach, with a focus on how the compromised wallets were exploited. This investigation aims to shed light on the methods employed by the attackers.

Fantom Network Overview

It’s important to note that the attack targeted the Fantom Foundation and individual Fantom wallet users, rather than the Fantom network itself. The Fantom network is known for being an Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible smart contract platform and currently hosts over $45 million in assets within its contracts, according to DefiLlama.

Inconsistent Reports

On October 17, On-chain investigator Spreek initially reported the alleged attack based on information from Telegram. While they listed the compromised wallets and estimated losses at $6.7 million, they also suggested that the drained funds might have originated from sources outside the Fantom Foundation.

CertiK Confirmation and Financial Impact

Blockchain security platform CertiK confirmed the security breach and originally estimated the losses at $657,000. However, an update later revised this figure to approximately $7 million. Examination of blockchain data revealed that an account labeled as “Fantom Foundation Wallet 1” by Etherscan had transferred various tokens to a wallet labeled as “Fake_Phishing188024.” Another account, identified as “Fantom Foundation Wallet 20” by the Fantom network’s block explorer, transferred over 1 million FTM to an account labeled as “Fake_Phishing32.” These transfers to known scam accounts suggest that the foundation’s private key had been compromised.

The Fantom Foundation continues to address the situation and conduct a thorough investigation to prevent future security breaches.

Community Response and Security Measures

The cryptocurrency community has been closely monitoring this incident and voicing concerns over the security of blockchain networks and smart contract platforms. Such breaches highlight the importance of robust security measures within the crypto space.

In response to this security breach, the Fantom Foundation has reiterated its commitment to the security of its platform and users. The team is actively working on enhancing its security infrastructure to prevent similar incidents in the future. This includes reviewing and improving key management practices and implementing additional security protocols.

Implications for the Crypto Ecosystem

Security breaches like this one serve as a reminder of the ever-present risks in the cryptocurrency ecosystem. Users are urged to exercise caution and employ best practices when securing their digital assets, such as using hardware wallets and strong authentication methods.

The incident also underlines the need for increased vigilance and coordination within the cryptocurrency industry to mitigate the impact of such attacks. Collaborative efforts to enhance security standards and share threat intelligence can play a crucial role in safeguarding the growing digital asset landscape.


As the investigation into the Fantom Foundation’s security breach continues, the cryptocurrency community is closely watching for updates and outcomes. The foundation’s commitment to addressing the breach and strengthening its security measures is essential to maintaining trust within the blockchain ecosystem.

This incident highlights the broader challenge of securing digital assets and underscores the importance of staying informed and vigilant. The cryptocurrency industry continues to adapt and evolve, with security remaining a top priority for stakeholders across the board.

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