Cryptocurrency Market Sees More than $78 Million Inflows, Registers New Peak Since July


  • Digital asset market records inflows of $78 million, marking the highest week since July.
  • Bitcoin ($BTC) leads the pack with an inflow of $43 million.
  • Europe dominates the inflow charts, overshadowing the US and Canada.

The cryptocurrency market is on a significant uptick, with increasing inflows amounting to $78 million. This movement is the most substantial weekly figure for the industry since July 2023. CoinShares highlighted in a recent market report that this surge indicates renewed investor interest in crypto products across multiple regions.

The past two weeks show a positive turnaround after a period marked by outflows, also driven by declining market values and regulatory uncertainties, especially in the US. Notably, exchange-traded products (ETPs) witnessed a 37% growth in the past week, reaching a total of $1.13 billion.

Bitcoin Takes the Lead

Bitcoin ($BTC) emerged as the primary beneficiary of the recent market activity, receiving an inflow of around $43 million. However, short Bitcoin positions are also on an uptick, which has already secured gains for its traders, amounting to $1.2 million.

While Bitcoin has been the standout performer, Ethereum ($ETH) also experienced a boost. Notable movements came after the introduction of six Ethereum exchange-traded funds (ETFs). However, the report noted that the institutional sentiment towards Ethereum was not as strong as it was back in 2021. Ethereum’s recent performance which saw outflows of $1.5 million for seven consecutive weeks indicates this sentiment.

Solana’s Consistent Performance

Solana ($SOL) remains one of the favorites among institutional investors. The altcoin witnessed inflows worth $24 million last week, recording its highest since March 2022. Solana has maintained a consistent performance, with 27 consecutive weeks of inflows and only four net outflows this year. Despite significant Ethereum product launches, Solana’s position remains strong in the market.

Europe now Leads as the Source of Inflow

Europe emerged as the dominant player in crypto product inflows, indicating a substantial shift in regional dynamics within the crypto market. Last week alone, Europe accounted for 90% of the total inflows, leaving the US and Canada to share the remaining 10%, which only amounted to $9 million. Germany and Switzerland were at the forefront, contributing $37.3 million and $31.3 million, respectively.

Europe’s dominance is attributed by experts to clearer regulatory frameworks in the region. The US, meanwhile, continues to grapple with regulatory challenges and other concerns, as seen from its ongoing legal battles involving major regulatory bodies like the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC).

The Road Ahead for Crypto

The crypto market is showing signs of revival after years of extreme volatility, with inflows indicating renewed investor confidence. While Bitcoin remains the primary attraction, altcoins like Solana are also gaining traction. If the market sustains the current positive trend, we might be seeing a bullish road ahead for the entire industry.