Crypto Registration to be a Part of Bitcoin Bill Proposed in Paraguay?

7:00 am, Wed, 14 July 21

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Paraguay has become the second country in the world to propose a Bitcoin bill, following El Salvador’s lead. The adoption of the largest crypto asset as a legal tender by El Salvador was a historic event. It greatly highlighted the existence of BTC and made it more prominent.

Bitcoin is anticipated to become even more significant, considering Paraguay’s proposed bill comes into effect. However, there are a few differences between the BTC bills proposed by both countries.

According to reports, the Paraguayan bill also includes cryptocurrency registration. This means that mining operations, ownership and registration of crypto will be regulated.

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Details of Paraguay’s Regulation Proposition

The new Bitcoin bill will reportedly be introduced in Paraguay tomorrow. The proposed bill will reportedly require the digital assets to be registered with the Undersecretariat of State Taxation in Paraguay.

According to reports, the new BTC bill will also propose the regulation of crypto mining and trading. In accordance with the bill, the parties interested in trading crypto will have to register themselves as “obligated subjects”.

As per reports, the registration of crypto assets will be a part of the new BTC law so that they can be properly evaluated. It will also help optimize tax collection and make it easier to trace what is being produced in the country.

The Paraguayan Bitcoin bill also proposes that mining crypto assets should be categorized as an industrial activity under the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. This is because crypto mining operations require labor, capital, construction of civil infrastructure and machinery.

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Can a Price Boost be Expected for Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the top crypto asset in the market, which is currently trading at $31,912 (at the time of writing). The price of Bitcoin has been in the low for some time, which has concerned some BTC enthusiasts and investors.

With the price of Bitcoin close to $30,000, it is difficult to tell whether its adoption by another country will make a difference or not. The impact of the BTC bill on its price will be clearer once the law officially makes its way to Paraguay’s legislature.

However, the low price of Bitcoin has not entirely discouraged people and big investors in the past. The same is expected to be seen again as the pathway for BTC’s price remains uncertain.

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