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Colombian President Now Officially a Bitcoiner After 100k Satoshi Gift from Blockstream CEO



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From a Gifted Satoshi to National Plans: Petro’s Cryptocurrency Move Reshapes Colombia’s Future

  • Colombian President Gustavo Petro surprises the nation by embracing Bitcoin, courtesy of a 100,000 satoshi gift from Blockstream CEO Samson Mow.
  • Petro unveils strategic plans for national cryptocurrency integration, emphasizing collaboration within public administration and local communities.
  • His crypto venture creates a ripple effect, resonating globally, with discussions of collaboration between South American leaders, marking a significant shift in the region’s approach to digital assets.


Colombian President Gustavo Petro has entered the cryptocurrency realm, with a focus on Bitcoin. The initiation came through an unconventional avenue – a generous gift of 100,000 satoshis from Samson Mow, CEO of Blockstream. This surprising gesture has sparked discussions about the future role of digital assets within Colombia. 

President Petro’s reception of the Bitcoin gift holds significance as it deviates from the traditional approach to cryptocurrency adoption. The 100,000 satoshis, a unit of Bitcoin, gifted by Samson Mow, has ignited conversations not just about Petro’s personal venture into crypto but also about the broader implications for the country. This unexpected move has prompted a reassessment of the role of cryptocurrencies at the highest levels of Colombian leadership.

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President Petro’s Crypto Plans for Colombia

President Petro is not merely embracing his newfound crypto status; he is taking proactive steps towards national cryptocurrency integration. His plans include the formation of collaborative groups within public administration and local communities. The strategic incorporation of cryptocurrency technology is envisioned to contribute to Colombia’s economic growth, with an emphasis on leveraging the benefits of blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

President Petro’s venture into Bitcoin has transcended national borders. It has garnered attention from notable figures in the South American cryptocurrency space, with discussions unfolding about potential collaboration with other countries. Max Keiser, a Bitcoin advisor to El Salvador’s President Nayib Bukele, is in talks regarding collaboration with Argentina. This global connection hints at a new era of collaboration in the cryptocurrency domain, showcasing a ripple effect from Petro’s initial move.


South American Leaders Embrace Cryptocurrencies

President Petro’s foray into Bitcoin mirrors a broader trend of growing interest in cryptocurrencies among South American leaders. This pivotal moment signifies a potential shift in how the region approaches digital assets. Discussions about collaboration and potential visits indicate a collective reconsideration of the role of cryptocurrencies within South American countries. This growing enthusiasm among leaders suggests a transformative change in the region’s stance toward adopting and integrating cryptocurrencies into their economic frameworks.

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