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Cardano Blockchain to Power Artificial Intelligence Modules of Humanoid Robots?



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The utility of digital assets has been taken to an entirely new level as Cardano blockchain will reportedly power artificial intelligence (AI) modules. Cardano is the third-largest crypto asset in the crypto market right now and its significance further increased thanks to its Alonzo Upgrade. Many Cardano (ADA) enthusiasts anticipate it will outperform Ethereum, however, the real-life outcome is yet to be seen.

Nonetheless, the use of Cardano to power the artificial intelligence (AI) modules of a humanoid robot is likely to be a breakthrough event. This is anticipated to positively influence the prominence and value of the blockchain, in one way or another.

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Using Cardano Blockchain to Power a Robot

This is one of the most intriguing news, not only for the crypto enthusiasts but for the technoids as well. Powering a robot is a major step towards diving into a vast pool of technological advancements that can elevate the significance and utility of digital assets.

As per reports, the Cardano blockchain will be powering the AI modules of a humanoid robot. The robot has been designed by Awakening Health and SingularityNET and named Grace.

The establishment of the humanoid robot is extremely impressive and integrating Cardano in it makes it even better.

Grace has been designed to be a nurse assistant for senior care but it can be applied in general healthcare as well. The robot nurse assistant can fluently converse in English and Korean and can imitate 48 facial muscles. The powerful AI that Grace has been equipped with and simulation of facial muscles enable the robot to have social interactions with the patients that are meaningful and effective.

According to reports, the integration of Cardano into the AI module of the robot will exceedingly improve its performance. It will also reduce the time taken by the robot to process any biodata.

Ben Goertzel, CEO of SingularityNET, is of the view that using the Cardano blockchain will make the humanoid robot more secure in terms of protecting medical records and information.

Goertzel stated:

In applications like that, the robot needs to deal with medical records on the back end, and it needs to deal with potentially confidential information that elderly folks and medical patients can give her on the back end…This really makes use of the security of the Cardano platform.”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for eldercare robotics has substantially increased. This means that there are likely to be no issues with demand for the Cardano-powered humanoid.

Does it Affect the Crypto Market?

There are several major questions that crypto enthusiasts have regarding this new establishment. Many are left to wonder if Cardano will surpass Ethereum, while others are wondering how stable Cardano integration can be.

Over the weekend, Goertzel met and had conversations with Cardano creator Charles Hoskinson at the Cardano Summit 2021.

During his appearance at the Summit, Ben Goertzel stated that there have been some limitations due to Solidity. However, the affordances allowed by the Plutus-powered smart contract platform will enable the company to achieve “many interesting things.”

Goertzel has also described Cardano as “quite superior”, which is why people are somewhat doubtful of Ethereum’s dominance. However, this is simply speculation at the moment and is yet to be seen in real-time.

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