Can There be a Possible Surge in BTC Price After Miami Conference?

7:08 am, Thu, 3 June 21

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After a significant decline in BTC’s price, the enthusiasts, investors and traders of the flagship cryptocurrency have been waiting for its comeback. While the price of Bitcoin briefly touched the $40,000 region, the surge was short-lived, bringing the price at $38,929 (at the time of writing).

However, to the delight of Bitcoin enthusiasts and investors, the Bitcoin 2021 Conference is just around the corner. The conference is set to take place in Miami and is speculated to positively impact the price of the largest crypto asset.

The complete picture of crypto’s future cannot be seen at the moment but the conference is also likely to boost the morale of the enthusiasts and interested parties, ultimately increasing the number of Bitcoin investors.

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What to Look Forward to at the BTC Conference?

Crypto enthusiasts who have been in Bitcoin’s corner have been concerned, considering the price of the top digital asset took quite the hit a few weeks ago. The price of the crypto asset has not been able to reclaim an all-time high, which led many short-term investors to sell the BTC they owned.

However, the upcoming Bitcoin Conference in Miami can cause a breakthrough for the top cryptocurrency and give crypto enthusiasts something to celebrate.

The largest event in the history of Bitcoin has been packed with headline speakers including:

  • Senator Cynthia Lummis
  • Ron Paul
  • Michael Saylor
  • Tony Hawk
  • Jack Dorsey
  • Nick Szabo

Several featured speakers such as Floyd Mayweather Jr, Alex Adelman and Lyn Alden are also part of the major event. Live YouTube streams, interviews with BTC experts, Bitcoin art gallery and many other features have been planned for the Miami conference.

Jeff Ross from Vailshire Capital gave a technical analysis of the momentous event and tweeted:

Why Invest in Bitcoin Now If You Haven’t Already?

Many interested parties who have been planning to invest in Bitcoin were skeptical, considering the recent market patterns noticed for the top crypto asset. News of a possible further decline in the price of Bitcoin and selling of BTC holdings by short-term investors were not very encouraging for novice parties either.

However, the enthusiasm of Bitcoin Whales, long-term investors and experts participating in the BTC Miami Conference can indicate an upward momentum for the top digital currency. While the price of Bitcoin may not be very high, the utility and significance of the digital asset cannot be overlooked.

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