Bybit Card Rewards Program: Unlocking Exclusive Benefits for Users


Seize the Benefits: A Comprehensive Guide to Bybit’s Latest Crypto Card Rewards

  • Bybit introduces a groundbreaking rewards program for its Bybit Card, targeting users of other crypto cards.
  • The first 10,000 users can enjoy up to €25 in bonuses, including €10 upon application, €5 after the first transaction, and an additional €10 for a €100 deposit.
  • The program features a referral system with VIP tiers, escalating reward points, low fees, and diverse perks, making the Bybit Card a game-changer for crypto enthusiasts in the EEA region.

Bybit, the cryptocurrency exchange, has recently introduced an enticing rewards program specifically tailored for users of the Bybit Card. This initiative is strategically aimed at attracting individuals who currently hold other cryptocurrency cards. The primary objective is to showcase the advantages and unique offerings of the Bybit Card, enticing existing crypto cardholders to make the switch. The significance of this program lies in its potential to not only expand Bybit’s user base but also to provide users with enhanced benefits and incentives, making their transition to the Bybit Card a rewarding experience.

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II. The Bybit Card Rewards Program Details

The rewards program is structured to provide substantial benefits to its users. For the first 10,000 users who make the switch to the Bybit Card, the program offers up to €25 in card bonuses. Breaking down this amount, users can receive €10 upon a successful card application, an additional €5 after their first successful transaction, and an extra €10 by depositing at least €100 for the first time on the Bybit exchange.

To unlock these bonuses, users need to follow a straightforward process. It begins with the application for a Bybit Card through the designated landing page. Once successfully applied, the user is rewarded with €10. Completing the first successful transaction unlocks an additional €5, and depositing a minimum of €100 for the first time on the Bybit exchange secures an extra €10. This step-by-step approach ensures users are not only attracted to the program but also actively engaged in utilizing the Bybit Card.

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III. Referral Program: Boosting Benefits

Bybit’s referral program is designed to amplify the advantages for both the referrers and referees. Referrers stand to gain a 20 USDT airdrop for each successful referral after the referee’s first transaction, while the referees themselves receive 10 USDT after their inaugural transaction with the Bybit Card.

The benefits, however, don’t stop there. Through the referral program, users can unlock VIP tier benefits. Achieving VIP1 status requires five successful referrals, VIP2 after 20, and VIP3 after 50. As users progress through these VIP levels, they enjoy escalating tiers of reward points and higher monthly caps. This system ensures that the more users one refers, the greater the rewards and benefits they unlock, creating a dynamic and incentivized community within the Bybit Card ecosystem.

IV. VIP Card Benefits

The VIP tier system within the Bybit Card program offers users an escalating range of privileges. Starting with the basic VIP1 level and advancing through VIP2, VIP3, and beyond, each tier unlocks unique benefits. One key feature is the reward points multiplier, which increases as users climb the VIP ladder. VIP1 users enjoy a 5x multiplier, VIP2 boasts a 10x multiplier, and VIP3 takes it a step further with a 20x multiplier. The pinnacle of VIP status, the VIP Supreme level, offers an impressive 50x multiplier and an extensive monthly rewards points cap of 300,000. This tiered approach ensures that users not only enjoy exclusive benefits but are also motivated to progress within the VIP system.

In addition to the reward points multiplier, VIP users gain access to rebates through the Trading Pack and Social Media Pack. The Trading Pack provides rebates on subscriptions to professional trading tools, including popular platforms like 3Commas and TradingView. As users ascend the VIP membership tiers, the rebates scale accordingly. For instance, VIP2 and VIP3 levels receive €15 or 7,500 points, while VIP4 enjoys €30 or 15,000 points, and VIP5 and above receive a substantial €60 or 30,000 points. This tiered rebate system incentivizes users to reach higher VIP levels, maximizing their benefits.

Claim up to $30,030 in Bonus

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V. Trading and Social Media Packs

Bybit’s rewards program extends beyond the crypto realm with the Trading and Social Media Packs. The Trading Pack offers rebates on subscriptions to professional trading tools, enriching the trading experience for Bybit Card users. Notably, this includes discounted access to tools like 3Commas and TradingView. The scaling of these rebates corresponds with VIP membership tiers, ensuring that higher-tier users enjoy more significant discounts. This strategic integration of professional tools adds substantial value for users seeking to optimize their trading strategies.

The Social Media Pack introduces rebates on subscriptions to Telegram Premium and X Blue. Bybit recognizes the importance of staying connected and well-informed in the digital age. Users can benefit not only from financial tools but also from enhanced social and communication platforms. As users progress through the VIP levels, the rebates in the Social Media Pack become more lucrative, providing additional incentives for users to reach and maintain higher VIP statuses.

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VI. What is Bybit Card?

The Bybit Card is a revolutionary crypto debit card that allows users to spend funds directly from their Bybit account wherever Mastercard Debit is accepted, paying in EUR. It supports a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, and the stablecoins USDT and USDC. This flexibility enables users to seamlessly integrate their crypto holdings into everyday transactions.

Key benefits of the Bybit Card include the absence of annual, inactivity, or card cancellation fees, making it a cost-effective solution for users. With ATM withdrawals of up to €2,000 and a maximum daily spend of €5,000, users have the freedom to manage their funds conveniently. The Bybit Card also introduces an innovative Auto-Savings Function, allowing users to earn up to 8% APY on idle assets while maintaining the flexibility to spend those assets immediately. This unique feature combines the advantages of crypto staking with the convenience of instant access to funds.

Furthermore, the Bybit Card boasts low fees, including a crypto conversion fee of 0.9% and a foreign exchange fee of 0.5%, making it a competitive and user-friendly option. The wide-ranging rewards program adds another layer of appeal, offering users bonuses, coupons, fee discounts, NFTs, airdrops, and even access to popular gift cards and exclusive merchandise. Available to Bybit users in the EEA region, the Bybit Card stands as a comprehensive and user-centric solution for crypto enthusiasts seeking a seamless integration of their digital assets into their daily lives.

VII. Auto-Savings Function: Earning While Spending

The Bybit Card introduces a powerful and flexible feature known as the Auto-Savings Function, revolutionizing how users manage their assets. This function allows cardholders to earn interest on idle assets, presenting a unique opportunity to grow their holdings while still having immediate access to funds. With an impressive annual percentage yield (APY) of up to 8%, the Auto-Savings Function strikes a balance between maximizing yield and ensuring users can swiftly utilize their funds. This innovative approach blends the benefits of earning passive income with the convenience of having liquid assets readily available for spending, providing users with a dynamic and user-friendly financial tool.

Claim up to $30,030 in Bonus

100x Leverage

VIII. Low Fees and Conversion Rates

Bybit Card stands out not only for its features but also for its commitment to providing users with cost-effective solutions. The associated fees are notably low, enhancing the overall appeal of the card. The crypto conversion fee, set at a modest 0.9% on top of Bybit’s one-click sell exchange rate, ensures that users can convert their cryptocurrencies with minimal impact on their overall holdings. 

Additionally, the foreign exchange fee, set at 0.5% on top of Mastercard’s Foreign Exchange Rate, further highlights Bybit’s commitment to providing advantageous rates. These low fees contribute to the user-friendly nature of the Bybit Card, making it an accessible and economical choice for crypto enthusiasts.

IX. Wide-Ranging Rewards Program

Bybit’s rewards program is expansive, offering users a diverse range of incentives that go beyond traditional financial benefits. The program includes trading boosters, bonuses, coupons, fee discounts, NFTs, airdrops, and even access to popular gift cards for brands such as Amazon, Ikea, and Spotify. The allure of exclusive Bybit swag and other merchandise adds a unique dimension to the rewards program, allowing users to showcase their affiliation with the Bybit community. This wide-ranging approach ensures that users not only receive financial perks but also enjoy a holistic and engaging experience within the Bybit Card ecosystem.

X. Availability and Conclusion

The Bybit Card and its enticing rewards program are available to users in the European Economic Area (EEA), offering a comprehensive solution for individuals in this region. In summary, the program’s key points and benefits include substantial bonuses for the first 10,000 users, a referral program with escalating VIP tiers, exclusive access to the VIP Supreme level, and a range of benefits through the Trading and Social Media Packs. 

Users can capitalize on the Auto-Savings Function to earn passive income while maintaining instant access to their funds. With low fees, diverse rewards, and availability in the EEA region, the Bybit Card stands as a versatile and user-centric tool for crypto enthusiasts. Readers are encouraged to explore the program, seize the offered rewards, and experience the full spectrum of advantages that the Bybit Card brings to the table.

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