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Breaking News for Crypto Investors! Digital Currency Donations to be Accepted



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Andrew Yang, an American businessman and politician, has announced the acceptance of crypto donations for his non-profit organization. This initiative by the entrepreneur can take the significance of cryptocurrencies to an entirely new level.

Yang’s newly founded non-profit organization, Humanity Forward, focuses on overcoming issues such as “data dividend” and Universal Basic Income (UBI). According to reports, the entrepreneur has announced that his new non-profit organization will now be accepting digital currencies, including BTC and ETH, as donations. This is expected to highlight the utility of cryptocurrencies and open new doors of opportunities for crypto investors and traders.

The drastic shift in the crypto market and Bitcoin price left many in a worrisome state and also caused millions of beginners to sell their BTC holdings. The volatility of the crypto market has been stressful and surprising for crypto enthusiasts. However, the initiative taken by Andrew Yang can be seen as an indication of a possible price surge for the top cryptocurrencies.

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Which Cryptocurrencies Will be Accepted as Donations?

Andrew Yang is one of the most influential people in the U.S.A. known for being the former presidential candidate and current candidate of the New York mayoral elections.

Yang’s organization, Humanity Forward, aims on building a “human-centered America” and will now be accepting crypto donations after partnering with The Giving Block. The entrepreneur and politician has been known to be a supporter of the crypto world as he shared in one of his tweets earlier this year.

Andrew Yang has donated $3 million himself to kickstart the non-profit organization and will now be accepting crypto donations, including:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Dogecoin
  • Chainlink

The non-profit organization aims to help and facilitate people who have been struggling due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Could This Cause a Price Surge for BTC and Other Cryptos?

The price of BTC has been declining for the past few weeks, which has caused crypto enthusiasts to be worried. However, Yang’s announcement to accept cryptocurrencies is expected to increase the significance of cryptos, if not their prices.

It can highlight the utility of digital currencies, which is likely to attract more interested parties to the industry.

The use and importance of cryptocurrencies cannot be denied, seeing as many organizations and companies have taken the initiative to use them as a form of payment. Even though the current numbers in the crypto market do not look good, crypto enthusiasts speculate it will turn around for the better.

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