BitGo CEO Mike Belshe Predicts Another Round of Spot Bitcoin ETF Rejections – Unveiling the Reasons Behind


Mike Belshe Foresees Hurdles Ahead for Bitcoin ETF Approval Amid Regulatory Scrutiny

  • BitGo CEO Mike Belshe remains optimistic about Bitcoin ETF approval but warns of potential setbacks.
  • SEC’s scrutiny focuses on the market structure, urging separation of roles in crypto firms like Coinbase.
  • Industry awaits potential fallout as Coinbase’s multifunctional roles face regulatory demands for clearer distinctions.

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Spot Bitcoin ETF rejections have become a focal point in the cryptocurrency market, drawing attention to the regulatory landscape and its impact. Recently, BitGo CEO Mike Belshe weighed in on the matter, shedding light on potential developments during his interview. Bitcoin ETFs, essential financial instruments in the crypto space, are undergoing scrutiny that could significantly influence market dynamics.

Mike Belshe expresses optimism regarding the approval of Bitcoin ETFs, citing positive signals from ongoing discussions with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Despite this optimism, Belshe maintains a cautious outlook, foreseeing the likelihood of another round of rejections. His concerns center on the complex relationship between crypto firms like Coinbase, which operate as both exchanges and custodians, and how this duality may impact regulatory decisions.

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Market Structure Concerns and SEC’s Potential Requirements

The modern landscape of cryptocurrency firms, typified by entities like Coinbase, introduces a duality wherein companies act as both exchanges and custodians. This raises concerns over market structure, prompting discussions on the necessity of separating these roles. Gary Gensler, head of the SEC, has taken a clear stance on this matter, advocating for the separation of exchanges from custody. This perspective aligns with existing market structures, notably in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), which mandates such separation in equity markets.

Anticipating the SEC’s response, industry experts predict potential requirements for separating services before granting approval for Bitcoin ETF applications. The scrutiny extends to entities like Coinbase, where various roles, including custody, exchange, and recent approvals as a futures commission merchant (FCM) and broker-dealer, present multifaceted risks. Belshe adds weight to this anticipation, suggesting that the SEC might demand a complete separation of these roles for regulatory approval.

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Coinbase’s Role and Industry Implications

Examining Coinbase’s role in the context of Bitcoin ETFs reveals a multifunctional entity serving as both an exchange and custodian. Recent approvals, such as becoming an FCM and a broker-dealer, underscore Coinbase’s expanding portfolio. However, the associated risks are notable, particularly as Belshe highlights concerns about a potential SEC mandate to fully separate these roles. The risks inherent in a combined exchange and custody role are magnified, requiring careful consideration by industry stakeholders.

The SEC’s potential requirements for the separation of exchange and custody services carry significant implications for the broader cryptocurrency industry. Analyzing these implications involves weighing the risks and benefits of such separation. While separating these services may mitigate certain risks, it also poses challenges to the efficiency and interconnected nature of crypto markets. As regulatory considerations evolve, industry participants must navigate this dynamic landscape, adapting to potential changes in the approval process for Bitcoin ETFs.

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