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Bitcoin Settles Lower Amid Grayscale ETF’s Highest Daily Outflow



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Record Outflows and Market Shifts Shake Bitcoin’s Stability

  • Grayscale’s Bitcoin ETF experienced a record outflow of $642.5 million, coinciding with a 4% drop in Bitcoin’s value.
  • Since its conversion to an ETF, Grayscale has seen $12 billion in outflows, countered partially by Bitcoin’s 52% price gain.
  • In contrast to Grayscale, other Bitcoin funds have had minimal inflows or stable assets, highlighting a unique market trend.

Bitcoin’s selloff continued Tuesday, with Grayscale’s Bitcoin Trust experiencing unprecedented outflows, a situation highlighting the volatile nature of the cryptocurrency market. Grayscale’s ETF, a major player in the crypto exchange-traded fund landscape, recorded a massive $642.5 million in outflows on Monday, according to BitMEX Research. This marked a significant move for the fund, especially given that it converted into an ETF only earlier this year.

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Grayscale ETF Faces Unprecedented Outflows

On Monday, when Grayscale faced these record outflows, Bitcoin itself underwent a notable tumble, dropping about 4%. This decline continued into Tuesday, with an additional 2% fall by mid-afternoon, albeit with some recovery from the day’s lowest points. The market eagerly awaits data on Tuesday’s flows, set to release Wednesday morning, to gauge the ongoing impact.

Since transforming into an ETF on January 10, investors have steadily pulled holdings from the Grayscale fund. This shift coincides with a noticeable inflow into the nine new spot Bitcoin ETFs that the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission approved on the same date. These developments reflect a broader change in investor preferences within the crypto ETF space.

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Investor Shifts and Market Reactions to New ETF Landscape

Despite the significant outflows from Grayscale’s ETF, totaling around $12 billion since January 10, a 52% gain in Bitcoin’s price during this period has provided some cushion against these losses. As of now, the fund holds assets worth $27.2 billion, down from $29 billion on the first day of trading with the new ETFs.

Todd Rosenbluth, the head of research at market analysis firm VettaFi, noted, “As the largest and currently the most expensive Bitcoin ETF, profit taking and redemptions are understandable.” He emphasized the market dynamics at play, considering Grayscale’s stature in the sector.

Grayscale, in a recent statement, acknowledged the outflows, attributing them to shareholders harvesting gains, engaging in arbitrage, and liquidating shares to settle debts. Grayscale CEO Michael Sonnenshein, in a discussion with CNBC, indicated plans to reduce the fund’s fees over time. Presently, the fund charges a 1.5% fee, significantly higher than its competitors, whose fees hover around 0.25%.

Contrasting Trends in Bitcoin Funds and Future Outlook

In contrast to Grayscale’s situation, most other Bitcoin funds witnessed either subdued inflows or little change in their net assets. This trend, coupled with Grayscale’s large outflows, led to Monday being the lowest single day for Bitcoin ETF flows since late January.

Rosenbluth further commented on the market’s behavior, saying, “Money isn’t going to pour into these ETFs day after day.” He suggested that the profit-taking following strong performance runs is a normal, expected pattern in such volatile markets.

This situation underscores the rapidly changing landscape of the cryptocurrency investment world, where investor behavior and market dynamics continually evolve, impacting prices and fund flows. As the market adjusts to these shifts, all eyes remain on the movements of major players like Grayscale and the responses of their investors.

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